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Our Learning Pathway

This is our second TLCP. This term, our Reading for Meaning focus is on Synthesizing. We are also incorporating persuasive writing and some media expectations.

Jennifer Donato

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Our Learning Pathway

Give Diagnostic Task Moderated Marking Assign Culminating Task Setting Criteria and Developing
a Rubric for Culminating Task Teaching Strategies Determining focus and cluster of
expectations Reading 1.3
Reading 1.8 Comprehension Strategies
1.3 identify a variety of reading comprehension
strategies and use them appropriately
before, during, and after
reading to understand texts (e.g., activate
prior knowledge through asking questions
about or discussing a topic; develop mind
maps to explore ideas; ask questions to
focus reading; use visualization to clarify
details of a character, scene, or concept in
a text; make predictions about a text based
on reasoning and related reading; reread
to confirm or clarify meaning) Responding to and Evaluating Texts
1.8 make judgements and draw conclusions
about the ideas and information in texts
and cite stated or implied evidence from
the text to support their views (e.g., sort
and classify information from a text to see
what conclusions it supports or suggests;
create a profile of a character based on
stated or implied information in the text)
Teacher prompt: “Do you think this
character’s actions accurately reveal
his thoughts? What evidence from the
text supports your conclusion?” Junior TLCP
"We can use our ideas to express ourselves and persuade others" Have fun! Moderated Marking PLC time to share
our interesting strategies
Useful resources
-An Effective Guide to Literacy Instruction
-Strategies that Work
-Comprehension Connections
-Toolkit Texts
-Synthesizing booklet from Lit. Support Team
Target Setting Looking at our targets
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