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All About Me

By: Benjamin Willard

Benjamin Willard

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me By: Benjamin Willard Sports ;) I love hokie football F.C. Barcelona is my most favorite soccer team Go Vikings!!! Oregon Ducks Rock!!! They're the best! I love Kickers soccer!!! My Favorites My favorite movie - The Dark Knight Rises My favorite band - Maroon5 My favorite song - She will be loved by Maroon5 My Favorite singer- Bruno Mars My favorite animal - Panda bear My Favorite TV show is The Voice and I'm obsessed with it!!! My favorite book - The Lightning Thief My favorite food - steak My family I have two brothers named Noah and Josh, a dog named Moxie who is a 9 year old labradoodle, and of course my parents Craig and Sonya Willard Favorite Place - NY city Favorite thing to do on weekend - Play soccer Favorite Actor - Robert Downey Jr. Favorite subject - English Ms. Kopriva Favorite year in school - 4th grade Favorite ice cream - Cookies & cream Favorite Historian - Abe Lincoln Favorite candy - Maple sugar candies Favorite gum Flavor - Mint Me on my Virginia Tech blanket in my Tech gear I've been a Hokie since I was little. Lionel Best soccer player In the World!!! My dog Moxie sitting on the porch daydreaming. Our Family picture from last year. :) My favorite brand of clothes: Nike!!! Messi Traditional ECU purple haze! The End!!!!
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