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Imagery By:Rachel and Alondra

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Imagery By:Rachel and Alondra

How is Imagery used Relations Imagery Blooming of Imagery Resources Imagery: is When we watch, read or write
something that makes feel Hungry, sad,
mad or emotional in any way.

Imagery is used in movies when you hear descriptive words that make a feeling such as the movie charecter say something sad you may cry and see sadness in your head if that happened to you

Movie directers use imagery as a tool to create a great movie

Authors also use Imagery to create a picture in the readers head In the book "The Outsiders" when we read about
Soda we can see him in our mind and picture him
Without seeing the real picture of him before Imagery is the discriptition of words
that use your senses to show the picture in your
Imagery is a form of wording words so you can feel, see, hear, taste or smell what you are watching, reading or writing We all use Imagery all the time
without even knowing it. Notice Imagery!!!!! Google Images
Lititure Book 1
Lititure Book 2 Definition
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