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Cooling system (project 1 – team 16 )

No description

Rana Dhiaa

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Cooling system (project 1 – team 16 )

Cooling system (project 1 – team 16 )

What is this project about?
This circuit watches for temperature. According to temperature measured, a led is turned on (



When the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the fan is turned on to cool down the system.

The mechanism of our circuit
Running circuit simulation on Proteus

Team 16
Mohamed Walid Abdullah Mohamed
Mohammed Emad El-din Ahmed Khalifa
Eman El Sayed Mohammed Sakr
Mohamed Said Mohamed Abdulaziz
Rana Dhiaa Ehsan Shosha
Rahim Mustafa Mohammed Omer
Hend Ali Mahmoud El Bahnasawy

Dr. Mostafa El Hosseiny
Eng Hesham Helmy

This circuit is very useful in our life, it’s used in most devices like thermostat of cars and computers…

The main criteria is protecting the electrical appliance from overheating so that it can work safely for longer period of time.
2- Temperature sensor (LM 35)
3- Transistor
4- Light Emitting Diode

5- Diode (Flyback/protection diode)

6- Fan
-Consists of both a physical programmable circuit board and a piece of software
-With some simple code, the ARDUINO can control the circuit

-Used to measure the change in temperature by a material called silicon that its capability of electricity change according to the change in temperature

contains 3 legs:
-Right one for connecting to the ground.
-Left one for connecting to Vcc.
-The middle one for sensing the temperature

Temperature sensor (LM 35)

- It’s used as a switch in our circuit.

- transistor contains: (Emitter-Collector-Base)

- Type: NPN

Transistor (switch)

The circuit Indicator lamps

It allows an electric current to pass in one direction (called the diode's forward direction), while blocking current in the opposite direction (the reverse direction).

Fan (Cooling device)
Light Emitting Diode
(Flyback/protection diode)
Supervised by :
Dr. Mostafa El Hosseini

Power Supply
Creating PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

• The main idea of our circuit is to control temperature which is measured by ‘LM35DZ’ using ARDUINO
Temp > 40
Temp < 20
20 < Temp < 40
the red led will emit and the Fan will start working to reduce amount of heat to work safely
Temp < 20
the green led will emit to indicate that everything is okay and the device connected to the fan working safely.
20 < Temp < 40
The yellow led to indicate that temperature is medium, less than 40 and more than 20
Temp > 40
Writing program Code
Writing program Code
Code Sample
Running circuit simulation on Proteus
Testing the circuit on a test board
Testing the circuit on a test board
Creating PCB
(Printed Circuit Board)
This included the following steps
Designing the circuit on EAGLE .
Printing the design on the copper board.
Soaking the board in HNO3 ACID.
Drilling .

Temp <= 20

20 < Temp <=40

40 < Temp
20 < Temp <=40

Temp <= 20

40 < Temp
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