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Film Presentation

No description

Yiqing Li

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Film Presentation

Development writer Producer Director Financing Greg Shapiro Tony Kaye Paper Street Films Henry Barthes Erica (Adrien Brody) Meredith (Sami Gayle) (Betty Kaye) Carl Lund "Humpty Dumpty" $ 100,000
35 trade-paper ads a $ 200 million lawsuit Kabbalah Austin Stark Benji Kohn Pre-production Script Schedule Budget 20 days $ 2.5 million Make Henry bigger Production Post-production 6 months
2 versions Editting Music Animation ...... Distribution and Marketing Tribeca Film Box office: $72,689
(27 April 2012)
Opening week: $10,739 Theatre
Digital D&D
(Mar. 12, 2012) DVD
Pay-TV Italy: $ 390,852
Belgium: $ 235,276
Netherlands: $194,122 Sarah (Christina Hendricks) "Be cool, on time, under budget." "I don't believe that I'll work with him again." If you really want to make insane movies, you’ve got to be the sanest person in the room – otherwise no one’s going to trust you with it.

--Tony Kaye France: $ 1,700,000 Marcia Gay Harden James Caan Christina Hendricks Lucy Liu Tim Blake Nelson
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