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Geography News World


Kraft Dinner

on 3 June 2009

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Transcript of Geography News World

What can you do as a citizen to help reduce the unemployment rate, or cope with unemployment in Windsor and Essex County? GeoSurf
your answer is ... GeoSurf Birth Rate:
The number of babies born each year for every
1000 people in the country
Literacy Rate:
The percentage of people of age 15 in a
country that can read Life Expectancy:
The number of years that a baby born in a certain year in a country can be expected to live Death Rate:
The number of people who die each year
for every 1000 people in the country
Developed Country:
A country that has a high proportion of their workforce in
tertiary industries and small proportion working in the tertiary sector. Incomes in this country are usually high. Canada is a developed country. Developing Country:
A country that has a high proportion of their workforce
engaged in primary industries and a small percentage in
the tertiary industries. Incomes in this country is usually
quite low. India is a developing country This scatter graph shows a strong negative correlation
between birth rate and life expectancy for 20 countries.
So, the higher the life expectancy,
the lower the birth rate. Most industries today are not equally distributed around the world.
You can tell about a country by looking at the jobs the country offers. Countries with a high HDI score and a high quality of life, such as Canada,
earn only a small percentage from their GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) from
primary industries, and a large percentage from tertiary industries. Countries
with a lower HDI score, and lower quality of life, such as India, earn only a
small percentage from tertiary industies, and a large percentage from primary
industies. One traditonal industry in Windsor is salt mining.
'Windsor Salt Mine' currently operates two locations
in Windsor, Ontario. Others are Hiram Walkers
Distillery, Chrylser, Heinz, and a multiple
amount of wineries in
Windsor and Essex County.
Windsors overall economic background would be in the Automotive industries, for many years. Today, the automotive industry is dropping very fast. Since Windsors unemployment rate is very high, the automotive industry is failing to succeed. According to the graph, the unemployment rate grows,
as the location gets more specific. Starting at Canada, with the lowest rate out of the 3, then going to Windsor, with a higher rate. Canada and Windsors economy is changing. Since the Automotive industries
are failing (due to the low incomes from automobiles, which causes a lot of unemployment), Windsor will be looking for more jobs to be apart of. Their will always be automotive jobs. But, it will not be run the same way. I believe that it will be run by technology, not by people. The Technology today is growing by the minute. Windsor is not the same as it was 50 years ago. The things we know now, people would have had no clue back 50 years. More people were used to run jobs. But today technology is taking over. Windsor today has had an immediate gain in unemployment.
How do we solve this? Easy. Many successful locations have Tourism.
Windsor has many attractions that people love,
such as Cesars, The Wine Tours, and
Ojibway Park. Brought to you by: Ojibway Park Cesars Casino Wine Tour Forestry Farming PRIMARY INDUSTRIES Construction Manufacturing SECONDARY INDUSTRIES Weather Forecaster Doctor TERTIARY INDUSTRY More places, more people. A lot of tourists have different idea's for enjoyment.
Other than the income of going from place to place, Tourists are also people. They
need to sleep, eat, wash, etc. Tourists can stay in motels, which always offer dining
and washrooms. This will give big incomes towards Windsor. It will also give many jobs back to Windsor. The 'Big Three' are done their time here in Windsor. If we start with small businesses, then we can improve and think of more ways to help reduce unemployment.
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