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Khrystyna, Jennica, Ronald

No description

Tracy Henry

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Khrystyna, Jennica, Ronald

Problems with Immigration Immigration in the United States makes it easier for terrorists to get in... Did you know....? You have to be atleast 18 and be a green card holder... Immigration
by: Khrystyna Williams, Jennica Chapin, and Ronald Stanwood III Khrystyna's Opinion- "I don't have an opinion..." The scale of immigration is massive in the U.S More Diversity. More money...about 60 billion is from illegal immigrants. Numbers of Immigrants in the U.S The top 5 states in the U.S are...
1.) California...9,859,027
2.) New York...4,236,768
3.) Texas...3,887,224
4.) Florida...3,391,511
5.) Illinois...1,782,423 Since '08 the number of illegal Immigrants has gone up to about 11.6 million....... About 3.1 million American citizen children have atleast one parent who is illegal as of '05...... Some key things you have to do/have to become an American citizen.... You couldn't have been deported.... Have understanding of the American history and laws.... Have to pledge allegiance to the United States..... Our opinion on Immigration.. Jennica's Opinion- "Immigration can be bad and it can be good...it would be better if they became citizens sooner..." Ronnies's Opinion- "It's good because it's American..." Pros for Immigration... bibliography "which us state has the most immigrants?" live science. 27 april 2010. web. may 30 2013. "did you know?".illegal immigration. july. 16 2010. web. may 30 2013. "how to become a u.s. citizen" Immigration Law Center.
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