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Supporting Your Ideas

No description

Allison Kozelek

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Supporting Your Ideas

Supporting Your Ideas
By: Allison Kozelek
Example- a specific case used to illustrate or to represent a group of people, ideas, conditions, or experiences

Three main kinds of examples: Brief, Extended, Hypothetical
Brief Example
-specific case to illustrate a point
Changes in technology have made it possible for doctors to work wonders that once seemed impossible. Rodger Charter, for example, lost both of his feet when they were crushed in a truck accident. Now he has new feet-made of springy plastic alloy that duplicates a normal arch. Not only can Rodger walk, he can also run and play sports.
Extended Example
-a story, narrative, or anecdote, to illustrate a point
Hypothetical Example
-describes an imaginary or fictions situation
Tips for Using Examples
1. Use to clarify abstract or unfamiliar ideas
The suspension bridge has a roadway suspended by vertical cables attached to two or more cables. The main cables are hung on two towers and have their ends anchored in concrete
Two well-known suspension bridges are The Golden Gate Bridge and The Brooklyn Bridge in New York.
2. Reinforce strong ideas
3. Personalize your ideas
There are many hungry kids in our community who could benefit from food donations.
Let me tell you about Alejandro. Alejandro is four years old. He has big brown eyes and a mop of black hair and an empty belly. In all his four years on this earth, Alejandro has never once enjoyed three square meals a day.
Statistics- Numerical data
Show magnitude or seriousness
Clarifies or strengthens
Organic foods are becoming more popular
According to MSNBC News, sales of organic crops now exceed $20 billion a year and are increasing 23% annually
Tips for Statistics
1. Use to quantify, especially if you want to highlight a problem
2. Use sparingly
3. Identify the sources
4. Explain
How much money is in a trillion dollars? Think of it this way. if you had $1 million and spent it at the rate of $1,000 a day, you would run out of money in less than three years. If you had $1 billion and spent it at the rate of $1,000 a day. you would not run out of money for almost 3,000 years. And if you had $1 trillion and spent it at the rate of $1,000 a day, you wouldn't run out of money for three million years!
Evaluate Statistics Carefully
1. Are they representative?
2. Are the measures used correctly?
3. Are they from a reliable source?
Quotations or paraphrases used to support a point
Expert Testimony
Peer Testimony
If you wanted to explain barriers faced by people with disabilities, and expert testimony would be limited
Itzhack Perlman, a world-renowned violinist who's legs were paralyzed once said " When you are in a wheelchair, people don't talk to you. Perhaps they think it's contagious, or perhaps they think crippled legs mean, a crippled mind. But whatever the reason, they treat you like a thing.
Tips for Testimony
1. Paraphrase long quotes or complicated information
2. Use qualified, unbiased sources
3. Identify sources
4. Be accurate-never misquote, use out of context, or compromise the meaning of the paraphrase
Creating a national sales tax would provided needed revenue, for programs such as education, healthcare, and national defense. Several European countries have such a tax, and it could certainly work for the U.S. However, I do not support such a tax here-in fact, I don't support new taxes of any kind.
(quoted out of context)
Americans already pay too much in taxes. Yet my opponent in this election has stated-and I quote "Creating a national sales tax would provided needed revenue, for programs such as education, healthcare, and national defense. Several European countries have such a tax, and it could certainly work for the U.S. " Well my opponent may think new taxes are good for Europe, but they're the last thing we need in this country.
Citing Sources
While more student are going to college than ever before, they are paying a high price. Kimberly Palmer, financial columnist U.S News & World Report, reported in the magazine's January 28th, 2008 issue that graduating students now owe an average of $15,500 in student-loan debt, up from $8,800 from 10 years ago.
-The Art Of Public Speaking (Lucus) 10th Edition
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