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Copy of History of Marshall Arts

In this presentation you will discover what marshall arts is excactly, the different types and many other interesting facts!!!

taylor clavette

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of History of Marshall Arts

The History Of Martial Arts How it got started http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_arts What is Martial Arts? Martial Arts today is a sport played around the world.
However in ancient times they would use martial arts as a way to defend themselfs, their family and their homes
Still today their are different types that can easily deafeat your opponent
Well it is said that martial arts was started by the buddusts or even the Chinese but really Martial arts is just a technique.
Anyone can do it!!!
With that said now we can say that Martial Arts has been around for a long time- so it's caveman old-!
What are the Different Types of Martial Arts Basically any type of fighting, but here are the specific forms...
•Karate -Traditional Okinawan martial art

◦Shito Ryu
◦Wado Ryu
◦Goju Ryu.

•Kung Fu - Traditional Chinese-

◦Wing Chun
◦Tai Chi
◦Pak Mei

•Korean Martial Arts
◦Kuk Sool Won
◦Tang Soo Do

And many, many more And Now to the People that are Famous for Karate We all know he was an actor but what else did he do?
Bruce Lee's technique and form changed the face of martial arts
He supported Jeet Kune do
And of course he was a movie maker and star Chuck Norris The six time world champion Chuck Norris was many things.
A founder of many foundations such as Kick Drugs Out Of
America- Now known as Kickstart!!! Bruce Lee Yip Man The first Wing Chung master to
teach the martial arts openly. Yip
man started learning at the age of
thirteen!!! He then left China at sixteen
to increase his education. When
he returned, his skills were
incredible!!! Pat Johnson he was a blackbelt magazine's instrustor of the year
in 1995
he began training in Korea
If Your Interested... If you are really interested
in martial arts, here are a few
locations where you can train... CEDAR HILL Cedar Hill,205- 1551 Cedar Hill Cross BC CANADA
DOUGLAS 3388 Douglas St. BC CANADA
LANGFORD 777 Goldstream Ave, BC CANADA
KARATE!!!!!!!! Bodhidharma This man is refered to the
'father' of kung fu.
Apperentally, he cut out his
eyelids so that he couldn't
sleep during meditation.
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