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Troy Dickson

Critical Mass

Troy Dickson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Troy Dickson

Troy Dickson Pampers
Why Is This Position Right For Me? School Personality Creativeness Classes Taken During My Time at Mount Royal University, I had enrolled in a
variety of classes that would assist me in this position. Some of these
courses include: Buyer Behavior This class has helped me understand the needs of customers.
This includes aspects like Universals, Archetypes, and Lovemarks Marketing Research This course allowed me to learn about all types
of researching techniques such as interviews, focus
groups, and online surveys. Strategic Managment This course allowed me to understand how important
strategic choices are inside an organization I am a very outgoing person that interacts with people very well
and would fit into the Pampers organization very easily I am a very creative person that can bring a lot of
very good, interesting ideas to an organization Pampers Campaign For Pampers, I would use a variety of aspects learnt from Buyer Behaviour. They would be developed after the Campaign Research was completed. Some examples might look like: Universals For Pampers I would use the Universal of Freedom. This way my advertisments could revolve around the infants freedom to act... however they want to act due to the protection of Pampers. Archetype The chosen Archetype for Pampers would be Explorer. In the Previous C.O.P.S. campaign, the Explorer Archtype was very successful. It was used in Marketing Tactics such as the Clue-In challenge were participants would literally be exploring different aspects of policing in order to accomplish the tasks. (Example the 3D glasses activity) What is interesting about Pampers is that it is the Parents buying the products for their children. Therefore if the Archetype of explorer is implemented, Parents will feel their children will be happy. Lovemark Pampers would use the Lovemark of intimacy in
order to capture the beautiful relationship of Parent
and child Insight And Planning: Research and Analytics Two main types of Research Techniques would be used in order to identify approprate Universals, Archetypes, and Lovemarks for Pampers 1. Online Survey During the C.O.P.S. Campaign, the online survey was an excellent tool in helping
us to understand what peoples thoughts were one policing. This idea can be used
the same way for Pamers, and would give us an understanding of what parents are
looking for when they are purchasing Baby Products This also relfects Papers request of the parent and childhood Journey Some Questions might include things like, What Pampers Products do you currently purchase? Where do you purchase these products from? What do you expect out of these products? 2. Focus Group Here we would actually be able to get some insider information
from customers. We would be able to find out such data like what people are looking for in Pamper prodcts? Do they currently purchase Pamper products? If not, what would encourage them to purchase Pamper products? Professional Statement The combination of my Reasearch experience, Marketing Knowledge, and Creative personality make me the perfect candidate for this Marketing Position at Critical Mass. Here I would like to Provide you with an example
of a Commercial my agency team developed for the Alberta
C.O.P.S. Campaign. I believe it will give you and idea of
my creative marketing skills. Insight and Planning: Research and Analytics
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