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The Ransom of Red Chief

By: Seth Randolph

seth randolph

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Ransom of Red Chief

By: Seth Randolph The Ransom of Red Chief Characters Characterizations Setting Plot Sam
Bill Driscoll
Johnny (Red Chief)
Ebenezer Dorset Sam
Sam is a slender man with a beard and a top hat

Bill Driscoll
Bill is a short, chubby man with a bowler hat.

Red Chief (Johnny Dorset)
Johnny is a red head boy with freckles. He was 10 years old The setting was in a small town called Summit. The plot of this story is a crime committed by two men in need of money. The men kidnap a 10 year old boy who was the son of a rich man. The men must deal with the kid who is crazy enough to make the men pay to get rid of him. Theme Foreshadowing Mood Climax The mood set is funny. The theme of this story is a funny/make you guess. The story has you guessing what is to come while making you laugh. The story makes you wonder what the kid will do next in the story. That is a sign of foreshadowing. The climax of the story was when the men sent the ransom letter to Ebenezer.
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