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CState Module #1

No description

Katherine Blanton

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of CState Module #1

Academic Advising
and Technology

Academic Advising
How Do I Know Who My Advisor Is?

Refer back to your acceptance letter from Cincinnati State.

This will indicate what program (major) the college has you listed as being enrolled in.

It will also indicate the academic division and phone number of the academic division. This phone number will allow you to make an appointment with your academic advisor.

Academic Advising:
What's the Point?
Academic Advisors help you make responsible decisions regarding:
Stages of Academic Advising:
Surge Advising Session
A mandatory group advising session for pre-admit first time freshmen. During this two hour session academic advisors will assist you in not only registering for classes, but by giving you essential information that will make your time here successful. SAS is a one-time session.
Stages of Academic Advising:
One-on-One Advising
During this meeting the student and the advisor will discuss course selections, career goals, and Cincinnati State policies and procedures. Students will also be given an option to utilize Educational Planning as a tool for course planning. Students should meet with an Academic Advisor at least once per semester.
Setting Academic Goals
Selecting Appropriate Courses
Making Referrals to Campus Support Services
Developing Your Academic Plan
Helping You Understand Academic Policies
Addressing Academic Challenges
Providing Information on Transfer Credits
Meeting Graduation Requirements
Stages of Academic Advising:
Program Advising
Students who complete all required Academic Foundations (AF) and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses will transition away from the advising services in the Advising Center; and will begin meeting with Program Advisor within the Academic Division where their program is held.
Scheduling Your Academic Advising
Are you required to take one or more
AF or ESL Courses? If yes...
Call The Advising Center - 513-569-1552
If no...
Call Your Academic Division
Business Technologies ....... 513-569-1620
Center for Innovative Technologies ....... 513-569-1720
Health and Public Safety ....... 513-569-1670
Humanities and Sciences ....... 513-569-1700
Before You See Your Advisor...
Set up an appointment with your advisor. It is a good idea to meet with an advisor frequently and to schedule your appointment early in the semester.

Review your curriculum sheet/degree audit. Your Degree Audit shows your progress toward your degree. If you do not have a current copy of your report, you can access and print out this report through MyCState.

Write down any questions and concerns that you have about your Degree Progress report, and bring these questions and your report to your advising session.
Review your Cincinnati State catalog. The catalog from the year you entered Cincinnati State (in a degree program) explains all of the college & departmental requirements for all degrees.
At Your Advising Session...
Bring your Degree Audit report, the college catalog, and your questions.
Establish a target graduation date in consultation with your advisor.
Work with your advisor to establish a program of study and an outline of the classes that you plan to take in the next 2 or 3 semesters.
Ask any and all additional questions that you might have. Your advisor can help you best when you explain your academic/career goals and concerns.
Keep notes from your advising meetings to remind you what was discussed.
Cincinnati State

Finding Important Information
On the College Website
Click on the link for MYCSTATE in to green bar across the top of the page

MYCSTATE is the pathway to web-based student services at Cincinnati State!
What Can Students Do Using MyCState?
Register for Classes
Drop and Add Classes
View and Print Class Schedules
Make Payments
Check Financial Aid Status
View and Print Grade Reports
Access a Variety of Other Resources
Looking Up Your
Username and Password
Choose a strong password that you will remember easily!
Passwords Must Be Changed Every 90 Days!
Locked Out of Your Account?
Call the Help Desk!
Cincinnati State

E-mail is an official communication tool at the College
E-mail is REQUIRED for Blackboard Courses
SurgeMail mail must be set up in order to send and/or receive Cincinnati State e-mail
See your FYE Blackboard course for complete instructions on SurgeMail!
Check Your E-mail Regularly for Important
College Information and Updates!
College E-mail Access
Set up SurgeMail first!
Click the SurgeMail
This action opens MS Outlook via Live.edu
giving students access to their
Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, etc.
Clean Your Inbox Regularly!
Storage Limits Enforced!
What is Surge OneDrive?
OneDrive is a file storage and sharing service that allows students to upload files to a server hosted by Microsoft
Access Files From a Web Broswer
Keep Files Private or Share with Contacts
Make Files Public
Service offers 25GB of free personal storage!
Individual Files Limited to 50 MB
What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is a system that enables colleges to host their classes on the Web.

Designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement face-to-face teaching.

Blackboard enables instructors to provide students with:
Course Materials Virtual Chat
Discussion Boards Online Quizzes
Academic Resource Center and more!
The degree to which Blackboard is used in a course varies.
For example, instructors may supplement an on-campus class by putting their syllabus and handouts on their course sites. In contrast, other courses may be conducted entirely through Blackboard, without any on-campus sessions.

If you are enrolled in a course that uses Blackboard, be sure to find out how Blackboard will be used in that course! Not every course uses Blackboard!
How Do I
Access Blackboard Courses?
If your instructor uses Blackboard, the course name will be displayed in your list of Blackboard courses.
See CSTATE Today and Blackboard Courses tabs after you log in!
Instructors will customize courses as desired.
All online and hybrid courses use Blackboard
MyServices Menu
Financial Transactions
Communication and
Academic Links

Registering For Classes:
The Basics

Registration Functions
How Can I Register For Classes?
In-Person via the Office of the Registrar
Registration for a semester begins approximately 6 weeks prior to the first day of the semester.
When you can register is dependent upon your amount of credits earned.
On-Time Priority - 20+ earned college-level credits
On-Time Open - less than 20 earned college-level credits and new students
Prerequisite Requirements
Before a student will be permitted to register for any course, the student must have successfully completed prerequisite requirements, or currently be enrolled in the course that is the prerequisite.

In some cases, the prerequisite to a course is either an appropriate score on the COMPASS placement test, or successful completion of a designated Academic Foundations course.

Search and Add to Cart
Choose Semester

Choose Courses

Choose Restrictions
Click the "Submit" Button to see the list of
available courses!
Click the box to choose a course to add to the Course Cart
Important Dates
Each semester will have Important Dates
that you need to be aware of!
Last Day to Register or Drop Online
Instructor Consent Required to Register
Last Day to Enter a Course
Bill Due Date
Last Day to Drop with 100% Refund
Last Day to Drop with 50% Refund
Last Day to Withdraw From a Course
See Your Important Date Chart
for these dates each semester!
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