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Eu Ensino

No description

olivia grobocopatel

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Eu Ensino

Eu Ensino
“Eu ensino”:
an online platform delivering tools and assessments to primary education teachers through interactive multimedia channels.

“If we improve teacher’s access to quality resources, they will become more qualified, motivated and less susceptible to absenteeism, which will in turn enhance the quality of educational offerings (both teachers and schools) and, in the long run, boost students scores.”

Unique value proposition
“Eu ensino”, the first educational platform made by teachers for teachers in Brazil, offers simple interactive tools for primary school teachers.
-Teachers in Brazil lack tools and resources to assist them in daily and practical challenges of the classroom: pervasive discouragement of teachers.
-A universal and pressing need: techniques that will help teachers engage students individually and as a group.
Key impact metrics
Growth/catchment metrics
-Number of annual subscribers
-Number of website visitors who do not choose to subscribe
-Percentage of people who visit the page but do not subscribe
-Percentage of people who visit the page and subscribe
-Percentage of subscribers who effectively use the tool (measured in number of videos watched and/or number of visits to the website per month).
-R&D cost over the expected number of users
-R&D cost over the expected number of users effectively using the tool
-Total annual/monthly costs of the enterprise over the number of users effectively using the tool.

Impact metrics
-Change in the percentage/number of children passing/failing in partner schools
-Change in the average scores of the children in partner schools in international standard examinations
-The total amount of time teachers spent on the platform for course preparation
-Improvement in teachers’ morale indicated by change in absenteeism rate and survey feedback
Operational metrics
-Monthly/annual total and net sales revenue
-Monthly/annual EBITA and Net Profit
-Monthly/annual growth rate of subscribers and sales revenue
-Virtual Satisfaction polls:
-The number of subscribers who use the tools,
-Why subscribers do not use the tools,
-Why non-subscribers do not buy the tool, etc.
-Number of partner schools and joint ventures with key actors such as the government and the teachers union.
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