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No description

Kaitlynn Staden

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Chloee

My dog Chloee History Chloee's mother and 4 other brothers and sisters were put into the Brampton Animal Shelter About Chloee Chloee is a mix between a Black Labrador and Pointer. After Chloee was put
into the shelter, the vet
found out that chloee
was showing symptoms of
Demodex About Demodex Demodex is a mite that is
a normal inhabitant
of canine skin Demodex can be caused by
poor nutrition, parasites,
and even stress. When that happens it causes the mite to overgrow This certain mite sits on the
hair follicle Today We bought chloee
from the shelter on
Monday, April 12th, 2010 The day we bought her
we took Chloee to the
vet Still, Chloee is trying to
get use to where she lives
and we are all hoping she
likes where she lives My Responsibilities
Also, another responsitility I have for Chloee is feeding her in the morning and in the evening and making sure that her water bowl is always full About Labradors Labradors can grow up to
24 inches and can weight from
55-80 pounds Labs are sport dogs and they
love to retreve anything they
get a hold of About English Pointers English Pointers are very
powerful and excellent hunting
dogs Pointers can grow up to 22-24 inches tall and can weight from
44-66 pounds My responsibilities
for chloee are to take her
for long walks so that she
gets all of her energy out. My dog chloee might
be a handful but she is
worth it
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