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Tang Poetry

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abfs abfs

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Tang Poetry

Going beyond the text Tang Poetry History Founded by Li Yuan, began his political career as candidate for ruling over Sui. The main influences of the Tang Dynasty still admired and remembered today are the artistic contributions; poetry and art being the main two. Comparison Although both Du Mu and Li Bai are famous poets of the High Tang period, their style greatly differs. Take a look at these two poems on a similar topic side by side as an example. What are the similarities? The differences? Connection One use of poetry that transcends dynasties and individual poets is its use as an outlet for people to express emotions and opinions improper to express in the company of others. What are some common themes? What I learned I learned that all of poetry is linked and influenced by one another. As a personal fan of Japanese culture and someone with an affinity for Haiku or the 5, 7, 5 syllable form I found it very fascinating to study another type of poetry and it’s form as well. The connection of using natural imagery to express ones feelings is not central only to Tang or even Chinese poetry, it is universal I leave you with this poem of my own making. Art Li Po A Heavenly Woman's Imprisoned in the Palace Contributions Li Po Among poets of the Tang dynasty or among chinese poets at large, there are few whom are as famous or influential to the art as Li Bai also known as Li Bo/Po Du Mu Ji'an Prefecture: An Occasional Poem Contributions Personal history Two poles of bamboo in the setting sun on the bridge over the stream,
Half a thread of light mist among the reflected willows.
How many green lotuses hatefully supporting each other,
Instantly I turn my head, my back to the western wind. Music In addition to poetry, caligraphy, and painting, the Tang dynasty also contributed to music as well. One of the main instruments the Zheng has its roots in the Qin dynasty. This music adds to the moods and seems to have a complex flow. He has influenced Chinese culture in various ways; from famous poems such as "Spring South of the River," to his annotations to the famous book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu A heavenly woman's imprisoned in the palace at Penglai Hill,
All are silent as she sleeps by day in the painted hall.
Her glossy hair is spread like cloud on the pillow,
Her embroidered clothes bear a wondrous fragrance.
I secretly come and slide the pearl lock back,
She's startled from her dream behind the silver screen.
Her smiling face is overflowing with bliss,
We gaze at each other with unbounded love. Li Po is known as one of the most influential poets in all of Chinese history. His legacy has spread not only throughout China, but also has influenced japanese classical literature as well A man of high standing Du Mu passed his imperial examination, showing his prowess and his intelligence. One of the subjects most often explored in his poetry is the topic of the military. His standing as a bold poet has gained him equal standing with other famous poets such as Li Shangyin.
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