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Animals and humans: where's the difference?

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Katarzyna Dębowska

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Animals and humans: where's the difference?

Animals and humans:
where's the difference?

A few words about perception and feelings
"inattentional blindness"
Animals are "visual thinkers" and see details!
Evolution is like building an addition onto your house instead of tearing down the old one and building and building a new one from the ground up.
Consequences of having the neocortex:
ambivalence (love and hate at the same time)
rapid generalizations
autistic person (=animal?)
person without autism
millions and millions of sensory details in the world come into my conscious awarness
According to some philosophers and scientists (Descartes, Budiansky) animals are not fully conscious because they lack the ability to think in language.
plover (Pluvialis apricaria)
"broken wing act"
animal minds as well!
Temple Grandin
A Moose for Jessica
Animals feelings: love
(males, during sex)
The evil field will evil yield...
Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler-
farmers and zootechnicans
Katy Pane and her infrasonic sounds elephants.
Does it think?
the same mechanism of action among people !
the same antagonist for endorphines (love hormones) - naltrexone (used as a drug for people and animals)!

similar physiology, similar needs

thinking in pictures
geniuses and savants
clear emotions
Mr Spock
benefits of being an animal...
high-level perception
specialists in sensory
concentration camp
Thank you for attention!
OHZ Garzyn 2012
The key issue is to use these ""specific features"" (way of thinking) as an advantage.
Temple Grandin
- doctor of animal science, consultant to the livestock industry of animal behavior, autistic activist.
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