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Senior Video

No description

Stephanie Faletti

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior Video

First, i'm going to introduce you to my best friends... This is Shelbi Hall, we've known each other since
we were in the fifth grade. I think i would consider her the
closest of all my friends. Although she's got a temper and it may be
fun to bring out, but i really care about her and i know she cares about me too...
No matter how much she tries to throw me down the stairs or stab me
with a paintbrush... haha... A few days ago, however, her mother died of breast cancer... Miss Lesli and I were very close and I am going to miss her very much. She didn't have a spleen (that absorbs the poisons in the blood) and the chemotherapy killed her. I pray everyday for Shelbi and I wish so much that i could be there for her because she honestly and truly is my best friend. But I can't. This is Jenni Jones.
She's got a flirty personality, and she brings out the
wild child in me. Although, my parents think she's a
really bad influence on me... Which is probably true but whatever
This is Zack, we've known each other for about 3 years now, he was 13. Sometimes, he's kind of immature, but he's always been there if i needed him. This is Kerri Woeppel, I met her when i was going through a rough patch in my life, we connected immediately when i sat with her at lunch time, and she was talking about Zelda and the Twilight Princess (videogame). This is Olivia Harrison, we weren't nearly as close as me and Shelbi, but we were pretty tight.... This is Becky, she was the empathetic compassionate person who was always there if a person was going through some drama. She could be counted on to be icnredibly loyal and sweet. I miss her like crazy. This was the last photo me and olivia took together before i moved to missouri. My whole life i lived in Dallas, Texas so that's probably the reason why nobody
really knows me. Since i was in the third grade, I was a dancer. For around 8 years,
I've done tap, ballet, jazz, and irish step dancing. I was also in this little group called
Angela's Angels: we went around to retirement centers and children's hospitals to
entertain the people who didn't really have much to do. I was pretty sure i wanted to dance my whole life until i was about to enter high school. The summer before freshman year we recieved a flyer in the mail to join the theatre group. I had remembered my 7th grade experience where i played a woman named Olivia in Twelfth Night (Shakesphere). I knew i always wanted to become an actress. So, when freshman year through sophomore year, I auditioned for several plays like Children's theater productions and musicals (i'm a terrible singer however, but i still managed to get a lead role as Henrietta the rebellious young lady from Eastchester Finishing School.)
After a while, the drama (pardon the pun) just became too much: There were several people giving me some problems so i decided to concentrate on my schoolwork. When junior year started, my mom already told me that we were going to move to Missouri, and i was going to go to a public school.
I was absolutely terrified. I've lived in Dallas my whole life, and I've gone to a private school for nine years
I've seens the cliche movies about public school, I had no idea how in the world i was supposed to fit in. I didn't think i would adjust,
but when i finally did move, all my fears were dispelled. The people were actually really nice, i made a ton of new friends, and my
confidence level rose. Although, sometimes i feel like no one knows me as well as i would like... I miss my closest friends, Olivia, Becky, Shelbi, Kerri, Jenni... Everyone of them. They were my safe guard, and I hope one day i can see them again. I guess what i would miss about high school is the connections i had with people i care about and the freedom of getting out of my house. Since I moved to Missouri I've been kind of a hermit (I'm ashamed to say.) And that explains why I don't know anything about the towns around me.
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