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Mrs. B Writing Foundations Portfolio 2012

No description

Philip Andrews

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Mrs. B Writing Foundations Portfolio 2012

Writing Foundations Journey Across the Lake First Day Journal Best Fable Narrative Best Summary What is Writing Foundations? Other Fables Other Summaries The first step in writing Fables is to outline. Next comes narration and fomulating thoughts. 1 2 The second step is to handwrite a draft. This is called a HWRD, for HandWritten Rough Draft. 3 Third, type up the HWRD, editing and making changes to improve the story. This is called the BRD for Best Rough Draft. Later, revise the story. In Summaries, we were given a sample report or source and followed the same process we used for writing Fables. Also, we learned how to write a bibliography. Narratives are a three part story in which we write a Dramatic opening, tell how the action rises, get to the Climax point, and then the conclusion wraps it up. We use the Basic Writing Process for each part. Writing Foundations is a class where we learned the basics of writing stories, reports, essays, and much more. We learned a basic writing process for stories and essays, along with many techniques to improve our writing. Look for more of these boxes to learn about the processes we use. Journals are a way to practice techniques we have learned and they give us something productive to do while Ms. B hands back our papers. They also allow Ms. B to see our writing level and skill. "Yellowstone Lake" 5 Paragraph Essay In Five Paragraph Essays, we write on either something important that we have done, or someone who has influenced us. Each paragraph is writen seprately then put together at the end. Reflection My First Day Journal is a perfect example that showed how much my writing needed assistance. It is extremely painful to read and I don't like to even think about it. I did use capital letters and periods, and I had good ideas on what to write, but the way I wrote them looked like I had no idea how to write. My sentences were missing words and most of them didn't make sense, although some of the reason for my pitiful writing could have been first class anxiety. I am confidently sure that I have improved with Mrs. B's impressive help. Reflection My Best Fable is the start of my improvement in writing, and is an example of my own story. I had better sentence structure and they all made sense. I put new techniques that I learned into the story and came up with it on my own. This is my best Fable, because it is the one I wrote with my own moral, instead of that of the sample Fable. It is original and entertaining. I learned how to outline and draft a creative story. I learned how to add techniques to it to improve the story. I also learned how to come up with a quality title for stories. Parts of the story are a bit unclear, however, and I would explain more in detail some of these parts if I revised it more. My Fable was the first step to putting a story on paper in a decent way. Reflection My Best Summary is an ideal demonstration of how my range of writing techniques began to progress. Through Summaries, I added one more type of writing to my now collected stack. I conquered the writing of reports from a source. I learned how to use a topic sentence and close with a clincher. The facts inside these two “buns” are the burger, cheese, and ketchup. In this Summary, I used more techniques than any other, and I had strongly descriptive sentences that fit together cohesively. This is my smoothest summary and the most creative. There is nothing I would want to change. I am pleased to look back on this report and discover my growth in writing. Reflection My Narrative was a three part story that formed the peak of my creative writing. I chose to write a science fiction story, although it uses mainly regular things and ideas. I illustrated this well with strong verbs and descriptive adjectives. I learned how to developed an introduction, rising action, and then resolve it with a conclusion. I also learned how to develop characters and show how they change through the story. Some of my sentences repeat things, and in some of them, I tried to force in to many techniques, causing them to become vague or say something different than I wanted them to say. For example, “Standing at the bottom of a cliff with a beach of a lake in front of him, he wondered if nearby Singer Lake happened to be in front of him.” Overall, I have put together a story worth reading. Philip Reflection My Five Paragraph Essay is a satisfying work that wraps up my final assignments in Writing Foundations. In this essay, I expressed things I have experienced and learned in life understandingly. I combined everything that I had learned over the year with my own stories and experiences into a paper that documented the story well. This essay is my best work from the whole year. It is my final paper, and I am pleased in it. I can look back and see that my hard work has paid off. In writing this, I learned of my own feelings and how I have been affected. Looking back and trying to write down how I have changed has forced me to really think about this deeper. This assignment helped me learn more than just how to put five paragraphs in an exquisite format, but also helped me grow in other areas. I learned processes for longer papers and how to use introductions and clinchers. I also learned the importance of a Nota Bene. My paper is great, but I probably didn't write enough on how the situations affected me. I could have gone deeper in this. Overall, I am overjoyed with my accomplishment in this essay. We Made It In conclusion, my progress in writing through Mrs. B's help has been phenomenal. I have accomplished the first steps to writing successfully during my first year in this class. I am now enabled to form quality sentences that make sense and sound good. I have learned process for many different types of writing including reports, essays, and stories. My greatest challenge was writing creative stories. My favorite part of the year was timed essays. I enjoyed the pressure. I will always remember the stylistic techniques. To me they are the trademarks of Writing Foundations. I have enjoyed the past year even though I had struggles. I hope to be back next year! Philip Andrews The End
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