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Genetically modified foods revealed

No description

Moeez Afzal

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Genetically modified foods revealed

By Moeez Genetically modified foods What is GMF? Conclusion!!! GMF are foods that have been "tweaked" with.

Here are a few examples: - you don't know what your eating, you could easily be allergic to one of the many unknown things inside your GMF
-Unfortunately organizations like Monsanto do not realize that they can not control what happens when their crops leave the lab. not to mention that GM crops self replicate.
-animals will be killed

-It`s a unnatural way to get food and is unacceptable in many different religions
-They are not as healthy
-instead of stopping world wide hunger they have become the main source of food in north America.
-the damage has been done and in my opinion is irreversible.
-We are putting unknown chemicals into our bodies What are some of the Con`s The pro`s?! who even cares about the pro`s because they are overruled by the massive list of cons What are some of the PRO`S NO!! Are GMF the answer to world wide hunger? We don`t need GMF we were doing just fine
without them and if we were to stop using we
would be able to live perfectly fine.
The thing is GMF are like an invasive species
and are thriving in their new home and are
pretty much impossible to get rid of them
completely... I honestly think it is to late for us
be able to do anything at this point. Where do they come from? An origination named Monsanto owns 90% of GM foods Why are we not surprised This does not come as a surprise to most
people because we have been "altering
nature" for as long as anyone can remember. Genetically modified foods is not the answer to world wide hunger. Monsanto or anyone else related to GM have made any attempts to stop world wide hunger and GMF`s have been around for almost 20 years Do we really need GMF? My sources

http://www.mnn.com/green-tech/research-innovations/photos/12-bizarre-examples-of-genetic-engineering/mad-sciencehttp://www.biotecharticles.com/Others-Article/Genetic-Engineering-and-its-Methods-79.htmlhttp://library.thinkquest.org/C004367/be9.shtml Even with those stats
GMF`s are proceeding
incredibly fast
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