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Nutrition and exercise

This is a presentation about the benifits of nutrition and exercise.

Lauryn Balark

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Nutrition and exercise

Nutriton and exerxcise Nutriton Benifits! This is the food pyramaid it is used to identify what values of food you need each day. Eat lots fruits and veggies everyday so you can have a strong healthy body Make sure you drink at last 8 glasses of water every day Resist candies, sweets, and oils I know they may be tempting but be able to resist because they are very bad for you. Exercise! Jump roping is a really good way to exercise because it works with all the muscles in the body Biking can also help you build strong bones Yoga also can help in exercise you can do yoga to relieve stress and it also helps you burn calories. Eating Diorders This is the eating disorder obesity and this happens when you are 20 lbs over your ideal wieght. This is an example of anorexia.Anorexia is when you starve yourself by eating little or no food. Avoid having eating disorders these can be very unhealthy for the body. Also get some exercise in daily so you can have a strong healthy body. Fruits and veggies will help you with health also so make sure you are getting a healthy amount of those. Summing it up
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