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Death Of Riley

L.A. Project

Brigett Salisbury

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Death Of Riley

Young Irish girl moves to New York to chase her dream and become a private investigator. Soon she realizes its not all fun and games. She finds herself in a very dangerous postilion. Death Of Riley Main Characters Came to New York from Ireland. Came here to find a better life. After Paddy Riley's death Molly goes on a mission to find out who has murdered him. She only has a few hints from Paddy's other private cases. One problem is that some of the clues are written in a made u p language. She goes on a long journey and meets many new people. Molly Murphy A very famous play writer in New York. Molly fins a clue that has to do with him. Soon she friends him and gets some inter sting facts out of him about Paddy. A huge mission comes and him and Molly try to stop it but end up getting put into jail. Soon they get out adn Molly learns that she could trust Ryan along. Paddy Riley
Private Investigator who dies a mysterious death. Molly Murphy
Young Irish girl, being trained by Paddy. Ryan O'Hare
Famous but dangerous play writer. Captain Daniel
Molly's finace Paddy Riley A private investigator who hires Molly Murphy to be his assistant. He soon gets himself int o a lot of trouble and is suddenly killed a mysterious death. Ryan O'hare Captain Daniel Molly Murphy's fiance. Soon they separate because he figures out she has become a private investigator. He does not like that because he is worried she will get herself into trouble (which does happen). He is there in the end to save her which she is lucky for that. who killed Paddy Riley? In the end of the book Molly learns that she can Trust Ryan O'Hare. She plans to get married to Captain Daniel again. She also figured out who killed Paddy Riley, but you need to read the book first to figure it out. Facts Book title: Death of Riley
Author: Rhys Bowen
Published December 7th 2003

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