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Strength Training Presentation

No description

Joelly Lopez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Strength Training Presentation

What is Strength
Training Strength Training Club House Muscle tissue weight is more than fat.
They are ways to gain & lose weight while gaining muscle. Eventually, metabolism speeds up with continuous exercise.

If you want to gain weight do exercises that incorporate the major muscle groups.
If you want to lose weight exercise daily for at least 30 min. incorporating a combination of aerobic and weight-training activities each week. Before coming to our facility and starting a strength training program, it is best to consult with a doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to participate.
Some people may have certain health issues that may restrict their level of exercise intensity. Importance of Strength Training
in Exercise. Aja Labador Joelly Lopez Types of Strength Training Gaining Muscle Weight Getting Started Equipment Type/Description Is the use of resistance to muscular contraction.It is used to build strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscle. Strength training is a vital part of balanced exercise routine that.

It helps
increase metabolic rate
boost energy level
reverse signs of aging
prevents injuries
forges character
increases circulation Don't "bulk up" It is good for your body to do strength training.

One can still perform Strength training with
out having to bulk up.
All one that one has to do is
keep amount of weight low
high number of repetitions Examples of strength training
equipment our facility will be
using are weights, medicine balls,
rowing machines, bikes, elastic
bands, tubes, pull-up and push-up
bars, and treadmills Strength Training Programs What to Expect? Result Process. Janina Santos Choosing Us! Our Facility It is normal for your body to feel soar or tired after strength training, specially if your new to the program.
We recommend that you stay hydrated, ice soar areas, and stretch before and after training.
Most important you shouldn't stop training because of sourness, eventually it will leave. Strength training club house offers the most professionally trained staff and a wide variety of services to our clients. Besides being equip with brand name exercise machinery such as elliptic and weight, we provide services that ad comfort and pleasure to our subscribers such as:
Olympic sized pool
Food Restaurants
Child Day Care/Pet Care
Dance Classes [hip-hop, jazz, salsa/merengue]
Personal Trainers/Nutritionists
Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation
Door to Door Transportation Our main goal is to provide you with the best work out and to make you feel better about the way you look and feel.
We do this by providing you with plans that can relate and fit with every individual.
These plans offer you the choice of pricing. Ranging from $19.99 a moth up to $59.99 a month. A subscription to our facility will make a great gift for anybody.
~So, don't hate till Christmas to give a gift and call now at (302)990-1234 or visit us at
12 Work out Lane
Wilmington DE, 19804 Owners/Founders The period of results depends on the type of program our clients are doing, there intensity level and their weight and height.
**Usually one can see results in a typical program in 6-8 weeks Sets Reps Rest Periods Hypertrophy Training: Weight training to increase lean
muscle mass. multiple sets Varying repetitions of
5 to 12 depending on
weight used 30-60 seconds Strength Training exercises that helps the different
muscles in your body to become
stronger and more powerful 10-12 reps 8-10 sets 2-5 minutes Toning Training the firming-up of muscles
due to an increased of
muscle tissue. 30 seconds 8-12 reps 2 sets Hypertrophy: Bench press, squats.
Strength Training: weight lifting, aerobic activity
Toning Training: incline press, lounges.
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