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I.R.P #1

Sophia Annello

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Stargirl

By: Sophia Annello :) Stargirl! :)
Author: Jerry Spinelli Schema Inferred Character traits A couple of inferred character traits about Stargirl is she is creative and energetic. Stargirl is energetic when she dances in the rain, and She is also energetic by joining the cheer leading squad and never taking the bus, but always walking home (Stargirl doesn't live close to school).
Stargirl is also very creative. A couple examples of Stargirl being creative is when she hangs curtains on the sides of her desk and she puts a fresh daisy on her desk every week. These things really bring out the uniqueness traits of Stargirl. Inferred Themes Here are a couple inferred themes about Stargirl.......
Theme: Don't let other peoples opinion of you interfere with any of your friendships.
Evidence from the text:
When hanging out with Stargirl, Leo was afraid of what people thought of him when he was hanging out with her. Because of this, Leo didn't talk to Stargirl for a while and that made him and Stargirl sad.
2nd Theme: Cheering for EVERYONE is not a bad thing.
Evidence from the text: Stargirl was a cheerleader on the school cheerleading squad. At games, she liked to cheer for EVERYONE, even the other team who her school was going against.
PLOT : Rising action/climax Falling action/resolution:

Overall Opinion: Text-To-Self: Stargirl and Leo live and go to school in Arizona and I used to live and go to school in Texas which also has a very arid climate.
Text-To-Text: Stargirl has a pet rodent (rat) that she loves dearly and takes to school with her, well this reminds me of Stewart little because he is a rodent to except Stargirl's rodent cant talk.
Text-To-World: In the Holocaust the Germans and the Jews got separated and this reminds me of how the populars are separated from the non-populars at Mica High. Summary:

This novel is about a girl named Stargirl who is very different from others at Mica High school. The first day she arrives at Mica High, the hallways are filled with the whispers of "Stargirl, Stargirl." She sparked a spirit revolution with her kind words and just one cheer.
Everyone adores Stargirl at first.
Then they turn on her for everything that makes her different. Leo who loves Stagirl very much, urges her to become different and to fit in, but this will make her normal which is what will destroy her. Will this change Stargirl forever?

Stargirl moves to the hot state of Arizona and attends her new school Mica High. As soon as she starts school she is noticed for being completely different than everyone else.
Stargirl does very interesting things like hangs curtains on her desk, carries her pet rat cinnamon EVERYWHERE and has a ukelele strapped to her back. Everyone thinks she is fun and loves her for the things she does. Stargirl starts cheering for other teams/EVERYBODY at games and people are starting to dislike her for that and starting to dislike her personality. Leo notices this and is upset no one is talking to him since he is hanging around Stargirl. Leo changes Stargirl into something she is not: normal. She goes by the name Susan and starts to care about herself more than others which is not her normal personality.

Leo realizes Stargirl was great just the way she is and he shouldn't of changed her in the 1st place. He loved her just the way she was. Unfortunatley he didnt get to tell her this.

I thought that Stargirl was very interesting. It was an emotional tale about friendship and first love. I would give this book and 8 out of 10 because i always wanted to know what would happen next and what Stargirl's next move would be but i also thought it could include just a tad more detail. I think you should read this book because it is different from any other typical book you would read. It has the right amount of detail for you to fell the characters emotions and what they are going through. I hope you choose to read this book and I hope you will enjoy it as much as i did.
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