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The 4 Galaxies

No description

Kerry Tang

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The 4 Galaxies

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The Four Galaxies Barred Spirals galaxies are determined by their shapes. The Four Galaxies divided into two subclasses based off their lengths and widths.
the two subclasses: round and elongated ellipticals. Elliptical Galaxies has a central bulge.
has a bar just like an elliptical galaxy.
there are no spiral arms. Lenticular Galaxies Irregular Galaxies has spiral arms that extend from the galactic bulge.
they do not have a bar or a center that is long. Normal Spiral Galaxy they do have a bar or a center that is long.
the spiral arms extend from a bar. Spiral Galaxies dislike shaped
have spiral arms split into two classes: normal spirals and barred spirals. Round Ellipticals as the name implies, they are round. not flat like a disk.
no spiral arms.
no bars as well. there are four different types of galaxies: spirals, ellipticals, irregulars, and lenticulars galaxies. Elongated Ellipticals don't have spirals or bars.
don't have a certain shape. Classification of Galaxies normal spiral galaxies (S)
barred spiral galaxies (SB) round ellipticals (E0)
elongated ellipticals (E7) irregular galaxies (Irr) lenticular galaxies (S0) instead of being round, elongated ellipticals are football shaped.
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