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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Kayla Botelho

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Scene 1
During the Middle Ages, European Christians launched a series of religious wars called the Crusades. The goal of each crusade was the same: to take Jerusalem also known as the Holy land. Muslims, called the Turks, had taken control of the region. Soon the Muslims Empire spread all the way to the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was under threat from the Turks. With his army defeated the Byzantine emperor turned to the Roman Pope Urban II for help. The Pope responded by calling all Christian knights and lords to put their differences aside and fight against the Turks.

Scenario: You are a poor serf from France with no fighting experience. Go to France and see what role you will play in the Crusades. Scene 2
You are a serf attending church service when you hear about the crusades for the first time.

Task 1: Read document titled Robert the Monk. While reading listen to the video.
Task 2: List three things Robert says to convince you to go on the Crusades. Scene 3
You have decided to join the Crusades even though you are not well prepared. Along your journey to Jerusalem you are joined by many other crusaders.

Task 1: Based on this image how did crusaders feel about their mission?

Task 2: Write a journal entry describing how you feel about your crusader mission. This must be at least a paragraph. Scene 4
Along the way you run into a Muslim scholar. As a Christian Crusader you have never been exposed to the Muslim faith.

Task 1: Watch the Video

Task 2: Write three facts about Islam that you never knew before

Task 3: How would exposure to Muslims change the perspectives of crusaders? Scene 8
On your way home you run into the Arab merchant again. This time he has something outstanding to give you.
Task 1: Watch Video
Task 2: What product is he selling? Predict how this product could influence Western Europe. Scene 5
On your way to Jerusalem you run into an Arab merchant. You have been traveling for months now. You are running low on supplies so you enter the shop to see what he has to offer.

Task 1: Watch video
Task 2: What product is he selling? Predict how this product could influence Western Europe. This guy is everywhere! Once again you run into the Arab merchant who has some new goods for you to buy.

Task 1: Watch Video

Task 2:What product is he selling? Predict how this product could influence Western Europe. Scene 7 You have finally made it to Jerusalem. You and your fellow crusaders are tired and crazed. You slaughter hundreds including children and women. Below is an account of the event...

Task 1: Task 1: Read the document titled Killing in Jerusalem

Task 2: Write a journal entry describing how feel about what happened in Jerusalem. Scene 9
After a long and painful journey you have made it home. Years after your journey the Muslims defeat the Crusaders once and for all. Task 1: Do you think the crusades was successful why or why not Scene 6 Scene 10
If you are complete watch crusades film
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