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Pokemon X and Y character analysis

No description

Michael Broughton

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Pokemon X and Y character analysis

Pokemon X and Y character analysis
In this version of the story, Serena plays the role of the silent protagonist
When Serena first wakes up, she shows an interest in playing pokemon games by carrying a pikachu 3ds with her out of bed.
Serena's mom is a celebrity rhyhorn racer
However, Serena is NOT a pro rhyhorn racer
This is why Sycamore chooses her to have one of his pokemon
Grace, mother and famous rhyhorn racer
Grace is assumed to be single
She is very supportive of Serena, encouraging her to go on her journey
She once thought the professor sent a love letter and comments on his "lovely handwriting..."
Rival and Neighbor Calem
However, Serena and his parents make him feel second best
He tries to master mega evolution...
But Serena takes it away from him
After this, he does not give up...
Instead, he continues to try to be his best
As the game goes on, he seems more and more distant from his friends
This is because he is training to prove himself
Due to his relationship with Serena, many think he has feelings for her as well
Calem says his parents are talented trainers
He attributes his talent as a trainer to this
Calem also says he wants to be unique
Both Serena and his parents are considered stronger than he is
Calem says otherwise
Pokemon Trainer Shauna
She starts her journey alongside Serena and their other friends
She doesn't seem to have any goals other than making memories
She is also highly social and positive
Outside of the group, she is friends with Clemont
According to Trevor, she is very good at describing others
This shows her attention to detail
This comes in handy when she is solving puzzles (which she loves to do)
Despite this, she is also very forgetful
Pokemon Trainer
At first, he is the highly intelligent but shy boy of the group
He spends nearly all his time with Tierno (they are both older than Shauna, Serena, and Calem)
As a child Trevor's parents went on a journey to strengthen their pokemon
Due to this, they left Trevor and his sister to fend for themselves
Trevor does not give up
Instead he decides to go on a journey to learn more about pokemon
Pokemon Trainer Tierno
Tierno loves to dance
From beginning to the end of the game, he always wanted to make a dance team of pokemon
He is also highly optimistic and determined
As well as being protective of his friends
He makes a resolution to be stronger after he did very little to help in the final battle
Professor Sycamore
He is a very caring and giving man
He acts based off of emotion, such as when he gives Serena a pokemon
He done this because he related to her having to move to a completely new region
This is because he studied abroad with professor Rowan while becoming a professor himself
He believes people should strive to be the best they can be
He is also very carefree
This personality, however, has led him to some pain
He used to be friends with a generous man named Lysandre
This was until Lysandre began to fall into depression, anger, and madness
He wasn't forceful enough to stop Lysandre on his own, nor was he prepared emotionally
Instead he sends his assistants, Dexio and Sina, to stop Lysandre's plan
In the end, however, Serena is the one to defeat his old friend
The Professor decides to hold a festival in honor of Serena's achievement
This is, in part, to hide his depression over his now possibly deceased friend
After this, the Professor reminds himself of the past
Dexio and Sina
Dexio began his journey two years prior the game, gaining a pokedex as a pokemon voyage veteran
Dexio and Sina are almost always together
As part of being the professor's assistants, they are the masked heroes of Kalos
They often fight in the same areas as Serena, as they are both stopping Team Flare
Gym Leader Viola
She runs the first pokemon gym Serena battles and is a bug type user
Aside from being a gym leader, she also enjoys being a photographer
She is very sociable and enjoys making puns about cameras and bugs
She is the younger sister to the journalist Alexa
She is also apparently close friends with Valerie
However, in game their only interaction is Valerie giving her a barrette for her birthday
Alexa is the only other person talked about giving her something for her birthday, specifically her camera
"The camerawoman who never lets a single smile escape her focus."
Gym Leader Grant
"The wild, yet cool and collected, rock climber."
He is the second gym leader and a user of rock types
Aside from being a gym leader, he is very athletic
When Serena meets him, he mistakes her for being a cyclist who had just missed the race, that he won
He is also a rock climber, designing his gym after a rock wall
As a bug user and photographer, her gym is covered in pictures of bugs and the bottom floor is made of a spider web
He is also considered highly fashionable in the pokemon world
His "rolling stones" hair is popular among young people
He used to enjoy sweets, but has given them up to slim down
He is also very connected to the region of Kalos, visiting every cafe the region has to offer
Gym leader Korrina
"The evolution fighter!"
She is a fighting gym leader who enjoys rollerblading
She is also a mega evolution master, like her grandfather
Her gym is based off her fascination with rollerblading
She is the one that teaches Serena to use mega evolution
Her Lucario feels a special connection to Serena and decides to join her instead of Korrina
Korrina is happy for him, but still feels a bit hurt
She is also a movie star who seems to enjoy dressing in costumes
Being a fighting type user, her body is very strong. She is able to shatter cave rocks with a kick
Gym leader Ramos
"The old growth is still in bloom!"
He is a grass gym leader as well as a gardener
He runs a tree-slide for a gym, fitting for a lively old man such as himself
Gym leader Clemont
"The inventor lighting up the world!"
He is the older brother of Bonnie
He is also a friend of Shauna's and invented an item that solves puzzles
Gym Leader Valerie
"The maiden from a land with history."
The fairy gym leader and former model
Her outfit is over 33 pounds
She dreams of becoming a fairy
This is why she wears that outfit
Coincidentally, her personality is very spacey
Her gym is designed to be a magical doll house, in reference to the magic of fairies
Gym leader Olympia
"The person who makes paths with starlight."
She is a psychic gym leader that holds her gym in a crystal ball
She talks a lot about fate and may be able to predict the future
Gym Leader Wulfric
"Tough as an iceberg, hot as a furnace."
He is a man that cares deeply for pokemon and uses ice types, as well as using a frozen gym
He keeps a picture of his favorite pokemon in the locket around his neck
Elite Four Malva
Aside from being an elite four member, Malva is also a member of Flare
She is also a new reporter and claims that she is famous
After Serena defeats Team Flare, she becomes hateful towards Serena, threatening death
Elite Four Drasna
She is an elderly and kind dragon user who has an affinity for lore
Elite four Wikstrom
He is a steel type user who acts as though he is from the past
Elite Four Siebold
He is a water user who believes battles and cooking are forms of art
Actress and Champion Diantha
Diantha is shown to be on personal levels with both Lysandre and Sycamore
Lysandre argues with her over true beauty, while she is the only character to call Sycamore "Augustine"
Team Flare boss Lysandre
Lysandre used to be a charitable man...
Until, he realized that he couldn't save everyone
Instead he falls into a pit of despair and decides to destroy most of the world, so that no one would do without
Despite all his efforts, Serena defeats him and he either commits suicide or becomes immortal
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