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part3 regents prep

No description

erika steinger

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of part3 regents prep

part3 regents prep
Developing a main idea: Literary elements
An author will use literary elements in order to develop or advance the main idea. Literary elements MAY include, but are not limited to:
Developing a main idea: Literary Elements
Amy tan: "Two Kinds"
Do Now
Answer the following question in your notebook:

How do you identify the central or main idea of a text?
Monday, March 9th
Part 3: Structure
In the passage _____________, author ___________
uses the literary element __________________ to develop the main idea that _____________________.
In other words, the author's message is _____________
Two examples of this in the text are ________________________________________ and______________________________________.

Throughout the passage, author _______________ uses (name of literary element) to develop the idea of ____________________ when ________________
and ________________________.
Step 1: Identifying the main idea
First, what is the main idea of a text?
The author's message about the topic
Can be expressed directly or implied

Second, how do we identify it?
Consider the title, subject matter, author, etc. in order to determine the topic
Use the details, facts, and examples given by the author in order to assess his/her feelings about the topic
Ask yourself "What is the author trying to say or what point is he/she trying to prove about the topic?
Topic: Acceptance

Main Idea: You must accept yourself before you can be accepted by others

Literary Element: Symbolism
When Amy Tan reaches adulthood, she learns to accept herself in spite of her mother's opinions. Her mom gives her the piano from childhood, symbolizing a mutual acceptance of who Jing Mei has become.
Use the rubric to assess the score of your classmate's Part 3 Text-Analysis Response
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