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the meaning of dreams from a older time of history, from the indian traveling times

kayla england

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Dreams

dream dont just dream: create until you can succeed Mrs. Lake girfted class Sweet dreams to all or a nightmare with fright
That’s what we say so have a goodnight…hakunamatata!
Goodnight, sleep tight, and dream of bed bugs tonight Dreams can scare you and create a sadness or depression… :’( Nightmares are bad dreams.

They can make you feel extremely scared and frightened. But fear not….these dreams are not real and are usually quite normal.

Characterized by vivid imagery and extreme feelings such as anxiety, fear, sadness or guilt they are powerful enough to wake you up.

Children experience frightening dreams more often than adults, especially between the ages of 3-4 and 7-8, as this is when they are dealing with separation anxiety.
Bad dreams at this age show a normal struggle to cope with fears and issues and they usually involve being chased by wild animals. This is a normal stage of development for children and should be viewed as such.

In adults, about 50% report experiencing nightmares occasionally and of these, they occur more often in women than men. nightmares?!?! Throughout all of history, almost every culture and person has placed important significance on the true meaning of their dreams. Today, our dreams are just as powerful a force in many peoples' lives, as they were back with all of our Ancestors. Mainly, because of the meanings that are discovered in them. Regardless if your dreams are good or bad, they can confuse, inspire, or upset the dreamer.
Within the Ojibwe Tribe, dreams, or visions in the night, were so vital that children were not given a name until a “namer” (an individual designated to name the child) after the individual had a dream about what name should be given to the child. This “namer” may have also given the child a charm that was woven in the design to resemble the web of a spider so as to protect the infant’s dreams. This, along with the remaining child’s toys, such as bells, shells and pouches made of leather, this “dream catcher” was hung on the child’s cradleboard by the hoop. How the dreams and dream catcher came to be… The purpose of this essay is to tell people about dreams and beliefs of dreams, by me and others…
There are people that can describe the past and the recent histories of mankind and what some of the things we do today mean, like history and social studies.
We can describe dreams as a thing that forms by the feelings of others and us. The reason these dreams form is that we have an emotional side in sleep and we picture what we are thinking about.
It is believed that people can have dreams that have meanings in physical and mental health. Dreams can be of things that may happen, or things that have or are going to happen, I believe that in the old Indian times they used things like spider webs called “dream catchers”. I had them when I was little and they helped me sleep at times but also at times if you don’t believe in them. They wont work and some of the nightmares may get through.
Also even if you do believe some nightmares may come through to infor you and others of something chaotic that may come to happen . Purpose http://www.thewolfsdencreations.com/History%20of%20the%20Dream%20Catchers.htm




http://www.cojoweb.com/handicapped-1-DC-origin.html References Dreams can be bad, but there is also good dreams. People can dream of family and love and just love with others but none may know the meaning.
People say happiness in a day is the trigger to a happy dream , and happy thoughts also can trigger the happiness…

You cant always let the bad dreams take control, but do let the good ones do that ether because they inform you on life and what is predicted to happen.

If you ever had a dream that you forgot or a thought that left your mind and then it came back one day and happened. That’s a déjà vu moment in life when something you thought would happen actually happens. Good dreams According to Native Americans, dreams that humans have while they sleep, are sent by sacred spirits as messages. According to their Legend, in the center of the Dream Catcher there is a hole. Good dreams are permitted to reach the sleeper through this hole in the web. As for the bad dreams, the web traps them and they disappear at dawn with the first light. For some, they try to determine what messages are being past onto them and what the message represents.

The Dream Catcher represents several meanings. All of the decorations and materials used to decorate them, all have a special meaning. A single bead in the middle may represent the spider that is on the web. Scattered beads throughout the web may represent good dreams that may have been caught throughout the night. A feather represents a symbol of breath or air which is attached so it hangs from the center of the ring. It is essential for life. A baby watching the air playing with the feather on her cradleboard was entertained while also being given a lesson on the importance of good air.

This lesson comes forward in the way that the feather of the Owl is kept for wisdom (a woman's feather); but that to use the feather each is aware of the gender properties she/he is invoking. (Indian people, in general, are very specific about gender roles and identity.) The Dream Catcher: kayla england 4/23/13 DIY Make a Dreamcatcher
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