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No description

Jordan Rider

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of 1960's

Good or Bad?
The Evolution
Barrel Racing
The Baby Boom
Early 1960's
Late 1960's
Jordan Rider
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Elvis Presley
Congragulations to the new buisnesses of K-mart and Wal-mart. For your emergencies, they have low prices on everything you need.

The race to space is still going strong. We'll reach the moon eventually. 1969 feels like a good year for it.

Martin Luthur King Jr. made a motivational speech. The "I have a dream" speech shall be permanetly implanted in US history.

Presedent John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22nd 1963 in Dallas, Texas. May his plans for this country continue in his memory.
What's Big This Decade?
Recent News
The King of Rock! Elvis Presley has left his mark on the music industry. His fashion has become one of the latest trends, his music even more so. January 8th might as well be a celebrated holiday for for has left his mark on this age as much as anyone else. Music will never be the same.
You better learn how to be an expert peek-a-boo player, the baby boom isint town. A rapid increase in the number of babies born has captured the attention of American citizens. It appears the next generation will be the bigger generation.
The blossoming population will most likely lead to the demand of more schools and future houses and jobs. Their cuteness will destract us now from the drastic change of numbers.
The 1960's
The Beatles
All you need is a Beatles song to lighten your mood. The rock band (composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe) has had their share of hit songs. They will be hummed for generations to come.
Hank Williams
Beyond the sunset and on to Hank Williams. The country singer/song writer surely has a place in everyone's heart. His masterfully written songs shall forever play amonghe greats.
Television and Movies
TV show or the week: Perry Mason
The Perry Mason show follows a defense attorney on his many court casses.
Actors of the week:
Paul Newman and Will Rogers
Paul was known for his skills in acting and race car driving. Will Rogers was one of the most famous comedic actors of his time.
Charles Dickens
Literature and Authors
We all have great expectations for authors (pun intended), and Dickens never lets us down.
"Great Expectations" has been praised for it's gripping plot and masterful wording. readers connect to Pip on so many levels that he becomes part of their lives. This book is one everybody needs on their shelves.
S.E. Hinton
The author for young adults has published a book at the age of 17!
"The Outsiders" has been called
a captivating read
a must have for young adults
. If you find yourself in a bookstore, this would be a book to buy.
She has a promising future in literature.
Robert Frost
“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

(This Slide Is Like Propaganda)
Mustangs and Corvairs. Long noses and romantic drives, certainly two of the dream cars. Picking up a date? Make sure your ride suits your attitude. Any old car won't do. Show your buddies how cool you are with these magnificent machines.
Biggest trend; Kools

The cigarette signifies the level of your coolness. Smoking one is sure to drag attention to yourself. Your voice lowers to make you sound more mature. Next time you want to get the girl, pick up a Kool.
Reform School Crisis
Debated Issues
The institutes of behavior are being questioned of their necessity. These schools were opened for students who had issues behaving and were supposed to help them with their mannerisms and behaving problems. However, the methods used in these schools are questionable to say the least. Reports have flooded in of cruel behavior and great results. The sides on this issue are clear and fighting for what they believe to be the righter way.
Presendent John F. Kennedy stepped into office with a stuggling economy. Part of his campaign was the promise to, "get America moving again." He did exactly that. It was America's longest era of economic expansion with stocks and corperate profits at their highs. Truely some of the best economic years in our history. After his assasination, Nixon took office. His slow approach resulted in sagging stocks and more unemployment. It's hard to tell if the 60's economy should be considered good or bad.
These years closely resembled those of the 50's with the more classic look.
By the end of the decade, everything was colorful and shorter compared to the earlier years.
Drive in and watch a movie. This phenomina has taken movie lovers by storm. Now you can watch the latest movies from the comfort of your own car. Reviews of this new popular hangouts are as good as the movies they show.
This poet never ceases to amaze. His poems bleed with deep messeges and meanings. If you have never read one of his works, we have one printed to the left. This poem is worded so beautifully that it mirrors the beauty he is trying to depict.
It's the newest craze. If you have a horse, can ride it, and aren't afraid of barrels this is the sport for you. Navigate you're way around barrels to the finish and hope you have the best time. The real life experience is said to be wild and fun.
The transition from conservative to short was somewhat gradual yet sudden. Tidy to tye-dye, black and white to the rainbow, the change in style corresponded with the change in trends.
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