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Church Multiplication

View of Christian and Church's call to multiply

Peter Epler

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Church Multiplication

THE GOSPEL Discipleship Maturity Sanctification Fruit Foundations The believer is taking root.

Learning to trust God.

Leaning on God's strength.

Has attitudes and behaviors that are not Christ-like. LIFE Mature, sanctified, and sharing is not enough.

Those seeds planted need water, encouragement and prayer.

The mature, sanctified and fruitful believer is one who intentionally seeks out younger believers, or non-believers to love towards Christ.

This believer endures persecution, awkward conversations, and lives in the world - but is not of it.

All this is done so that those seeds planted would take root SPIRITUAL
CYCLE The believer is active in their faith.

Loves God.

Lives in community with other believers.

Serves the church and city.

Looked up to by younger Christians.

May still have some attitudes and behaviors
that are not like Christ. This believer values prayer and time with God as
the highest priority in life.

The maturing believer experiences a second work
of the Holy Spirit in their life.

The blossom of sanctification is a desire to
choose the Spirit over the flesh.

To choose holiness over sinfulness.

All aspects of life are entrusted to God. A maturing, sanctified believer is full of
the Gospel seed.

This person will leverage every opportunity
for loving in the name of Christ.

This believer will endure faithfully.

This believer will plant seeds everywhere,
every chance, every day. of a Christ-follower DEATH God created life.
God designed humanity to be filled with the Spirit.
God designed you to be rooted deeply in Christ. Sin entered the world.
Mankind traded the Spirit for the Flesh.
The flesh leads to death.
Rooted in human desire not Holy Calling. Christ died for you...while you were still dead in your sins.
He died so that you could be replanted, re-rooted in Him.
He died so that you could have life. DEATH LIFE LIFE The Begining LIFE DEATH Christ is the head of the church.
Christ died for the church to have life. A church that does not multiply is one
that does not fulfill Christ's Commission.

No evangelism, no discipleship, no ministry
means no church. Christ is the head of the Church.
Christ died so the church could have life.
Living churches plant and grow living churches. DEATH LIFE LIFE Planting The healthy church (house church or city church) multiplies.

The church takes the burden from Christ for reaching
the lost.

This burden - when acted on in the Holy Spirit - will cause an increase and will necessitate the planting of a church.

Church plants are house churches, bible studies at work, and more

Church plants need tending by healthy churches so they will embrace life and repeat the cycle. Fruitful Ministry The Body of Christ...to large to meet in one place
met in homes in many nations.

Letters were circulated between home churches
and city churches so that all could read the Word of God.

House churches did ministry together in their local community.

Ministry was fruitful, so those house churches multiplied to more house churches.

The church grew from 10,000 to where it is today. Bold Ministry The Body of Christ devoted themselves to a few simple things DAILY:
God's Word Lord's Supper Selfless Ministry
Fellowship Prayer Worship

Disciples went into the streets, the synagogues, the temples of false gods, the bars, the shipyards to tell of Jesus and minister in love.

The Body of Christ grew from 3120 to 10,000.

Structure became necessary. The Commission Christ passes the torch from His earthly ministry....to that of the disciples.

"As you are going about life...make disciples, teach them to obey, and baptize them. I'll help you..."

Even though Christ was in Heaven...He is still the strong trunk of the Church. The Power The disciples were obedient to Christ.

They waited for the Holy Spirit.

They received power from God.

Due to the Holy Spirit these first disciples
demonstrated an unconstrained, unhindered and
very contagious love for Christ.

The Body of Christ grew from 120 to 3120. SPIRITUAL
CYCLE of a church Where are you in the tree? Where is your family in the tree?
(Your family is small church...) Where is Ketchikan Naz? Possible solutions Believers must love God,
live in community &
lead others to do the same. Prayer life
Time in the word
Sunday and a small group
Intentionally leverage every situation for Christ The Church must love God,
live in community &
lead others to do the same. Small groups are intentional community time.
Small groups will pray, study, and serve together.
Small groups will multiply.
The church will multiply. You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit,
and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.
John 15:16
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