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Changing Customer Perspective

No description

Brad Turnpenny

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Changing Customer Perspective

Social Implications
If it is easy to navigate around the site and buy products, people will like it more. If the site is really confusing and heard to navigate to get to the products or to purchase products people will not like the online store and will go to other competitors if their online store is easier to use and better. If the store is plain, simple and easy to use, more people will want to use it as they will be able to use it with ease causing them to prefer it to other competitor's online stores.
Changing Customer Perspective
A brick is a store which is a physical store on streets, which people can go to and pick their products from instead on relying on delivery systems, but you have to travel to and from the store to get your products. A click is an online store which is online, which you can order from at any time 24/7 and get it delivered when you want, but deliveries are a problem as traffic can be an obstacle when they are delivering products.
Bricks and Clicks
Having security on your site ensures your customers that they are safe when using your business and buying products. If you have good security people will want buy stuff do they know that their personal details are safe so that it won't get stolen by people hacking into the system. If the security is bad, people will not want to buy products off the business' online store as they will feel like their personal details would have a higher chance of being stolen.
Providing Service
Providing a good service to a customer makes the customer feel respected and makes them feel like the business cares about them as a customer and therefore they use the company more and sometimes prefers them to other competitors. This is important as it can change the customers perception of the company as if it is poor service, the customers will think the company is rubbish but if the service is good, they will like the company
Providing Added Value
One of the top priorities of a business is their means of retaining added value in their business and giving customer past of the added value can change the perspective of potential and current customers in a business. This can cause a direct impact on sales and could benefit the business as they would get more praise off their customers for the added value and would increase the profits due to the influx of customers.
Benefits For Customers
People who find it difficult to leave their home in order to get shopping for themselves use online shopping because it is much easier and they do not have to struggle to get outside and do their shopping. This means they can have a stress-free shopping experience as they don't need to worry about ho much they buy since they don't have to carry it since it gets delivered to their door.
Access to Goods and Services to Housebound
People like to shop online because it is easier than going into the normal store because they can do it in the comfort of their own home. The online stores are also never shit due to them being open 24/7 which make them desirable to people. This is a benefit for customers as they will not have to get up and go to the store and bring back what they want because they can order it online and have it delivered to their door. Also, online, all the items are on one marketplace but in normal stores, customers have to go to multiple shops for the products.
Remote Shopping
Online stores are 24/7 and do not close for any holidays. This makes customers attracted to online shopping as they don't have to abide by any store times as they are open all the time and you can order anything att any time, for example if someone wanted to order a shed at 2AM, they can have the order placed and have it delivered a couple days after to their door.
Anytime access
Discounts which are dedicated to the online stores make customers want to go online for the offers, which are exclusive to online shoppers. This increases the amount of people who come on the sites too which is benefit for the business as well as the customer as the customer gets a nice discount on their favorite products when shopping online.
Internet Discounts
An economical impact is that small, unique store going to get less customers and possibly get shut down due to bankruptcy.
A social impact is that customers are able to shop online at their own convenience and can have it deivered at their time of choosing, which can halep people with busy lifestyles.
Economic and Social Impacts due to Speed of Changes
Customers like it when the payment systems are really secure as they feel like their personal information and their credit details are safe, but payment systems aren't always completely secure and can be hacked into causing customers to have their credit stolen causing credit fraud. This causes customers to go away from online shopping as there is many accounts of soled credit details on the internet which may make the customers weary of using their card to pay for products.
Payment Security
When shopping online, you never know what the products actually looks like, unless it is a brick as well as a click and you have been in the store, which is rare these days. Photos can be misleading as they might be a false photo which means customers are buying products blindly and don't have a clue what they are actually buying. This causes customers to not want to shop online as they don't like that a shop could be selling them product which aren't as they look in the photo shown.
Assessing Quality/Fit Without Product
When ordering online, customers have to rely on delivery services to deliver their products to them. This causes problems as obstacles like traffic can delay the delivery or cause the delivery to be set back to another day which causes problems with the customers as they might want it for a specific day if they have a busy schedule. This makes people not want to shop online as they would rather do it in person in a normal store as then they would be able to get their product right then.
Reliance on Delivery Services
There will be less employment opportunities in my store as they won't have to have as many people since they do not need people to be in a store, managing the stock in the store. This means there will be less fixed costs for salary in the business, reducing the total costs of the store.
Impact on Employment
There is a social divide between the more economically developed parts of the world and the less economically developed parts of the world as the more economically developed parts have the ability to have online shopping as an option for them and can do it if they need to, whereas with the less economically developed parts, they do not have the ability to shop online as they do not have internet or good infrastructure. This caused the social divide to increase globally.
Social Divide
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