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The mysterious dog(hero)

No description

Maria Øgstad

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of The mysterious dog(hero)

Everybody comes and hug the dog.
-How do you did that? say the woman he saved, her name was Petra she was just 20 years old.
- "Voff Voff" shouted Hoff.
Hoff run to the hospital, he runs in everybodys room and saved them. All pasients in the hospital was fresh now.
All people in the town wondered if this was a myth.
We dont think it was a myth beacuse Hoff was always like that.
This was a mysterious dog everybody think.
I love the dog! sayed the woman he saved.
The dog havent a owner, he come just from a place where now on knows?.......

One time it was a dog called Hoff, he was very nice and sometimes he played with cats.
One day a woman went to the river then came a puma and attack the woman, and then the dog came and licked on her neck where she was attacked. After a day so the lady was quite nice wound had healed, she wondered how the dog could do that.
After one day someone want Hoff, but
The mysterious dog(hero)
Written of Maria
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