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Evaluation 3 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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Amelia H

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Evaluation 3 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Warner Brothers
Role of our company
Our logo is a star to follow the name of our company with a film roll in the middle to represent us a media company. This is then followed by the company name for recognition.
STAR Productions stands for our names combined as a production company
Media Institution
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
Evaluation Activity 3
STAR Productions
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is an American entertainment company based in California which specialises in film, television and music production. The institution has a prestigious and vast library with more than 75,000 hours of programming which includes almost 7,000 films. Warner offers a variety of film genres in order to open up to large audiences with genres including comedy and romance, but also horror, action and thriller.
Warner Brothers would release our thriller movie because they are a well-established institution who have years of experience in the film industry and will be able to ensure a good image is made of our film. Warner have made a number of successful thriller movies and our film ‘Follow Request’ can enhance their library by making it more up to date in the thriller genre.
A distributor is the company who is responsible for the marketing of a film. We will take advantage of Warner Bros experienced expertise by choosing them to also distribute our film, as they are a company who we can trust to successfully raise awareness of our thriller movie.
The role of STAR productions is create the physical basis for our thriller movie.
A production company develops and films a production

The process can follow:
Development of project - initial ideas and scripting
Pre-production - signings crew&actors and finding locations
Principle photography - filming
Post-production - editing
Titles are used in films in order to acknowledge the crew involved in the production, hence why there are various people named.
Jobs appear in the opening credits in the following order:
Theatrical Distributor
Production Company
Film Creators and Title of the Film
Supporting actors/cameos
Technical roles (sound, casting, production designer, etc)
Senior Technical roles (Directors of photography, special effects, music and film editors, etc)

We have reflected this in our thriller movie by following this order for which our titles appear on the screen.
Our film is 'institutionally' similar to 'Unfriended'

The film first premiered at the Fantasia Fesitval in Montreal, Canada and screened on the film festival circuit where Universal Pictures bought the rights to the film.
The film was later showcased at Playlist Live and SXSW before it's release to cinemas in April 2015.
More recently the following films were recently distributed at the Sundance Film Festival held in January.
Film festivals are a popular way for many films to get seen and released, which is why we have chosen to follow this similar route for out thriller movie.
Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects in order to support creative minds in making their ideas a reality.
We will promote out thriller movie 'Follow Request' on Kickstarter where we will pledge for funding from the public who are interested in the synopsis of our movie.
Over 10million people globally have gained support of their project from Kickstarter, with $2.3billion being raised since the launch in 2009. Therefore, Kickstarter is a great site for us to find funding for our movie, because we can feel confident that enough people will visit the site and be interested in our film who will then donate into our fund.
An online company such as Netflix would be interested in our film
Our thriller movie follows stereotypical codes and conventions of thriller's which Netflix knows their customers love and watch. The main audience for our movie is teenagers 15+ and young adults, however there is a secondary audience of adults and cinema goers who would also enjoy our film. Therefore Follow Request caters to a large target audience, so a high proportion of Netflix's subscribers would be elegible and interested in streaming our movie. This gives the company confidence that viewers will stream our movie, and so by choosing to update their catalog of films with 'Follow Request', they will be making profits as well as us.
Main selling points of our film:
Our thriller movie follows typical codes and conventions of a movie of it's type whereby a vulnerable character meets up with an online predator. However 'Follow Request' has an unique selling point, by which in the film, Olivia will save herself from the predator in a plot twist, unlike in other films where the weaker character is murdered of saved by a third party.
An international film company would buy and show our film because the content has no specified regional content or cultural references - it is a film for all age related audiences.
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