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Emma Li

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Olympian

Greek Mythology : The Olympians Group of 12 gods
Ruled after overthrow of the Titans
Named after their dwelling place Mount Olympus. Hercules' 12 Difficult Tasks Penance
Nemean lion
Lernaen hydra
Ceryneian Hind
Erymanthian Boar
Augean stables
Stymphalian Birds
Cretan Bull
Mares of Diomedes
Belt of Hippolyta
Cattle of Geryon
Apples of the Hesperides
Cerberus by Emma & Ivy Olympian Roman Gods from a strange mixture of influences.
specific powers and controlled parts of the world.
showed their unhappiness Heracles(Hercules)'s Enemy son of Zeus with a mortal woman
Hera was jealous
two snakes
baby talk
strangled serpent Reference http://www.mythweb.com/gods/media/OlymNav.jpg
http://sasgreekart.pbworks.com/f/HERA.jpg Zeus Overthrew his Father Cronus
Won the draw
Lord of the sky, the rain god
Married Hera , affairs Poseidon Jupiter eagle
Son of Saturn (whom he overthrew) and Ops Brother of Zeus
lord of the sea
married Amphitrite
Desired Demeter-Creation of the first horse
difficult quarrelsome personality greedy. Horse
son of Saturn, and brother to Jupiter and Pluto Neptune Pluto son of Saturn and Rhea Minerva Juno owl, cock and crow
Sprung fully grown from the head of Jupiter Hades brother of Zeus
lord of the underworld
his subjects aren't allowed to leave
god of wealth
terrible, not capricious
abducted his wife Persephone Hera Zeus 's wife and sister
protector of marriage
strife with Zeus
failed revolt
cow and the peacock
Argos http://www.kusadasi.tv/wp-content/uploads/hera_greek_goddess.jpg
http://media1.shmoop.com/images/mythology/heracles-snake.jpeg Athena daughter of Zeus
fierce and brave
goddess of the city, handicrafts, and agriculture
embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity
favor of Zeus
Athens, Olive
virgin The wife and sister of the god Jupiter Thanks For Watching!!! Names in 12 tasks 7 Labor:
Queen Pasiphae of Crete, Minotaur, Labyrinth of King Minos,

8 Labor:
Eurystheus the mares of Diomedes, Abderus, Tiryns

9 Labor: Eurystheus, Theseus, Amazon Queen Hippolyte Names in 12 tasks Hercules Eurystheus Tiryns MyceNae
1 Labor:Heracles
2 Labor:Heracles Hydra the mythmakers
3 Cerynitian Artemis River Ladon Arcedia Eurystheus
4 Arcadia boar centaur Pholus Eurystheus
10 Labor: Geryon, Orthrus,

11 Labor: Hesperides, Ladon,

12( final) Labor: Cerberus,
Hades, Styx, Charon the
Boatman, 5 king Auges
6 Stymphalian Athena
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