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The Fantastic Voyage

No description

John Smoot

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of The Fantastic Voyage

The Fantastic Voyage
Prezi by Jack
Futuristic Sci-fi novel by Isaac Asimov
Scientist named Benes has defected to USA
He holds information that could spell conquest of the world for a superpower.
Is picked up by and flees with agent Grant and brought to USA.
Several city blocks away from a safe military base in a city, a suicide car smashes into Benes' car.
He has a blood clot that will cause brain damage in less than twelve hours and lose memory of his secret
Cannot be operated on by cutting through the skull
A submarine has to be shrunk to the size of a bacteria
Submarine is then injected into an artery
Benes may have defected because the other superpower already has this secret
If the mission does not succeed, war will sweep over the world with the enemy declared the victor.
One of the people on the submarine crew is working for the other superpower and will try to make the mission fail.

Main Characters
Main Character: Agent Grant:
Took Benes to the USA
In charge of the submarine in Benes' body
Dislikes job as agent
Wants to live a normal life
This makes his character seem authentic
Good hook
“I sit here with my hands wet, my hair sticky, my heart pounding, and I count the hours. Only now it’s the minutes. Seventy-two minutes, Don. Seventy-two minutes and they’re down at the airport.” (Page 2)
Compelling plot
“Attention! This is the last message you will receive until your mission is completed. You have sixty minutes once miniaturization is complete. You must be out of Benes' body before then. If not, you will return to normal size and kill Benes regardless of the success of the surgery.” (Page 56)
Enjoyed the book because I love sci-fi and because the book was suspenseful. The book made me stop to evaluate character's personalities, think about how science concepts worked, and wonder who the spy trying to sabotage the mission was.
Would You Like It?
This book is not for everyone. It is filled with science material but can be hard to follow, requiring you to reread some parts of the story on occasion. On the other hand, the idea of miniaturizing objects and of spies sabotaging missions in which tiny submarines destroy brain clots is intriguing. The book can be slow at times, though there are action scenes in the book and the book is layered with suspense. Though some may not want to listen to all of the science, if you have a bit of patience this book will be ideal for you.
Prezi by Jack
The conflict in The Fantastic Voyage is the fight to get Benes' military secret and the efforts of the enemy to kill Benes so that he cannot reveal that secret.
Isaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov was born in Petrovichi, Belarus on January 2nd, 1920 and died on April 6th, 1992. He has written many science-fiction books such as I, Robot. He has also written Fantasy and non-fiction books. Isaac Asimov is considered one of the best science-fiction writers of all time.
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