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Fire Chief Alan J. Martin

No description

Clay Lemley

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Fire Chief Alan J. Martin

FIRE CHIEF ALAN J. MARTIN Biography Born in 1952 Came from a small community called Keystone Loved the New York Yankees as a Child, and could name many of the players. Wanted to be like Mickey Mantle Early Life Here, between Pelham and Alabaster Played baseball as a catcher Path to Firefighting Attended Jefferson State College after high School. Started working in a glass warehouse. He didn't like it a lot, since it was very hot. A friend persuaded him to work at a funeral home, because he could get better pay. Saw a few off-duty police officers escorting a funeral, and wanted to take the test to become a police officer.... HOWEVER... The officers told him that he should be a firefighter. After learning from them that firefighters worked one day, then off two days, he decided to take the test to become a firefighter instead. Firefighting Experience for 30+ years, he worked for the Birmingham Fire Department. Includes experience in the Hazmat teams. He went from Lieutenant... To Captain... During his first firefight, he fell a few feet after the floor gave way. It was also very hot, and since "Real Men" didn't wear breathing apparatuses, he got sick, and threw up... After watching many of his fellow firefighters move up in the ranks, he decided that he wanted to move up as well... To Battalion Chief... Assistant Chief of Administration... And Assistant Chief of Training and Safety. Then, in 2002, he was picked as a candidate for the job of Fire Chief for the Tuscaloosa Fire Department. Job as Fire Chief Chief Martin's primary role is to act as a representative for the Fire Department, as well as for the citizens of Tuscaloosa. What he basically does is attend meetings. Here he is!! He also does a lot of strategic planning for the Fire Department, like in the positioning of fire stations. He also helps manage the Fire Department's budget. Part of the budget is getting proper equipment for the firefighters to use. Every now and then, he will get to go see a fire. However, this is on a few occasions, so he mostly does office work. And he got teased quite a bit by his fellow firefighters.
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