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Birth Order vs, Personality

No description

Joanna Yuan

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Birth Order vs, Personality

I'm the Middle Child "Nobody understands me."
"Nobody ever listens to me."
"My older sister/brother gets to do everything."
"My younger siblings never get in trouble." Middle Child Eldest Child Youngest Child Birth Order and its Effects on Personality Presentation by Joanna Yuan I'm Tom! Did you Know? Famous first-borns: Did you Know? Famous middle children:
-Princess Diana
-Bill Gates
-Shania Twain
-Sarah Palin
-Martin Luther King
-Mark Zuckerberg Did you Know? Famous lastborns:
-Jim Carey
-Johnny Depp
-Ellen Degeneres
-Celine Dion Manipulative Loyal Ambitious Competitive Charming Bossy Associate the following personality traits with the most fitting birth order, based on my presentation. SIMPLE-MINDED, OPTIMISTIC Quiz time! What's the controversy?! “Birth Order powerfully influences the way people interact with others” – Dr. Leman

“It's just like astrology! When you see a good fit, you say, 'Hah! He's such a Gemini.' When you see a good fit, you say, 'hah, he's such a first-born, aggressive control freak,' but when it doesn't fit the mold you don't even notice it” – Dr. Conley Keep in Mind ... Birth order is not the only determinant of personality! - Family size
- Age gaps
- Gender differences
- Family deaths
- Divorce
- And many many more! Strong Leadership! SIMPLE-MINDED They shoulder less responsibility, so they tend to be more carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, affectionate and sociable, and they like to make people laugh MANIPULATIVE the last-borns are typically indulged by their parents and have their way paved by their siblings; often making them hard-headed and overly dependent on others. Charming Since they feel like their siblings are stronger and smarter, they use their charm to get the spotlight! As a result, they become extremely spoiled. Birth Order and its Effects on Personality By: Joanna Yuan Introverted Due to responsibilities and pressure, the firstborn can often be serious. Their energy is drained by being around other people! They just like having time alone to "recharge"! Younger children especially look to the firstborn for direction and guidance. Firstborns are competent at an early age and are likely to be responsible beyond their years. According to Secondary Sources: They are the complete opposite of their older siblings!

According to Primary Sources: They are very similar to their older siblings! Middle children can be ambiguous! Competitive! Since they typically have to share things like cars; wear handed down clothes, share the spotlight, a very competitive nature is fostered. Loyal! To compensate for the feelings of abandonment at home, middle children prefer to look outside their family for personal autonomy . They would usually be the first of my siblings to take a trip with another family or just want to sleep at a friend’s house. AMBITIOUS! According to secondary sources ... simply by virtue of being a couple’s first child, parents become by-the-book caregivers who are extremely attentive and stringent with rules. As a result, firstborns constantly strive to please their parents. According to primary sources ... According to Secondary Sources ... According to Primary Sources ... According to Secondary Research ... According to Primary Research ... How many of you GET ALONG with your siblings? How many of you make fun of or don't get along with your siblings at times? According to Secondary Sources ... According to Primary Sources ... According to Secondary Resources ... According to Primary Resources ... According to Secondary Sources: According to Primary Sources: According to Secondary Sources ... According to Primary Sources ... According to secondary sources ... According to primary sources ... Discussion Time! How would you describe the older brother and the younger sister's personalities? How have they impacted each others' personality traits?
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