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The Great Kapok Tree

No description

Kristen Woodie

on 18 June 2011

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Transcript of The Great Kapok Tree

Genre: fable A fable is a story that
teaches a lesson. It often
has animal characters that
talk or act as people do. A Kapok tree A Kapok tree
seed pod A Kapok Tree in the Amazon Rain
Forest towers high above the
other trees. It also adds a lot to the
canopy. Kapok tree seed
pods are harvested
for their fiber. It is
used to stuff sleeping
bags, pillows, and
lifejackets. Kapok tree
blooms are not
only beautiful,
they are healthy
food for many
insects and
animals, too. Which animals are in this fable ? Ancestors
People or animals
that lived long ago
that you think
of as your
relations. Canopy

The top sections
of trees that together,
form a kind of a ceiling
over the rain forest. Understory

A layer of small
trees and bushes low to
the ground. What lesson
does this fable
teach? Yanamammo people The porcupines said that
we need oxygen from trees
to live. Is it more important
to have oxygen or to have
paper, tables, and pencils? Ms. Woodie thinks that the lesson of this fable is: Sometimes we need more than one perspective
to convince someone to do the thing that is right. Frog The
tree is a
home to
Cutting it
down will
make them all
homeless. Jaguar The tree
is my
What will
I eat? Sloth
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