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Mike Trout

No description

Paige Thompson

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Mike Trout

Mike Trout
Michael Nelson Trout was born on August 7, 1991 in Vineland New Jersey but grew up in Milville.
He plays center field for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the MLB ( Major League of Baseball).
Up and Coming
Mike Trout faired really well in the minors hitting above .300 and stealing 20+ bases in all of his minor league seasons. Because of an injury to one of the Angels starting outfielders he was called up to have his major league debut on July 8,2011. His first career hit came the next day on July 9,2011. His first career homerun came on July 25th, 2011. Soon after he was sent back to the minors but was brought back up to finish the season in mid August.
Rookie Year (2012)
One month into the 2012 season Mike was called up to the bigs. In 559 at bats, Mike Trout scored 129 runs, cashed 83 Runs Batted In, splashed 182 hits, stole 49 bases, and hit 30 home runs. Mike Trout was a force and came second in the American League MVP voting. He won the American League Rookie of the year by a landslide.
Even though Mike Trout has only been in the majors for three years his list of accomplishments is impressive.
3x All Star
American League Rookie of the Year
2x Silver Slugger
American League Stolen base champion

All Star
Mike Trout has made three appearances in the All Star game but there is no doubt that the latest contest in 2014 was his best to date.
He was 2 for 3 with a double and a triple that scored two runs. He scored a run on Miguel Cabrera's home run.
At the end of the game Mike Trout was awarded the All Star game MVP and a brand new corvette.
High School
Mike was a star player in high school. He could whip a fastball right by you or dive for a ball that was about to drop in the gap in center field. Teams feared him at the plate so much that they would intentionally walk him multiple times so he couldn't blast a ball over the wall. Though giving Mike a free pass to a base is just you inviting him to steal a base with his incredible speed.
Early Life
Mike Trout's father was once a high school baseball star and was even drafted by the Twins in 1982, but his career was cut short by a knee injury sustained in AA. He moved back to Milville to become a high school professor and the school's ball coach. When Mike was six he would shag fly balls with the boys three times his age and served as the bat boy for the team. At age nine he was dominating a league for twelve year olds. Mike loved playing shortstop and wore number two in honour of his favourite player, Derek Jeter.
Draft Day
While Mike had many scouts watching him in his last couple years of high school, they were slightly warded off because he was from New Jersey. In years past promising New Jersey ball players failed to live up to their expectations. The cause of these failures had to do with the many rain outs creating a shortened New Jersey ball season, which didn't prepare them for the tedious 162 game season the MLB had. So that had Mike Trout wondering where he was going to end up on draft day. The Angels had two late first round draft picks and could only hope that no one snatched Mike before their pick. In the end the Angels drafted Mike Trout in the first round 25th overall.
Team Player
Something that should definitely not be left out is Mike's passion for the game. His teammates describe him as a humble and fun guy. He is always smiling and it is always about the game or the team it's never 'I'. Taking that even farther the entire league respects him which is incredible considering how young he is. One of his teammates David Freese said, "He's got the drive to be one of the best ever." Or there is veteran player and opposition Ryan Dempster, "You never see him not run hard. He never styles a homerun... He just has that much respect for the game."
Fielding Highlights
By Paige Thompson
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