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Clevatel Business VoIP

This Prezi from Clevatel helps business decision makers navigate through the maze of VoIP offers / options and allows them to focus on what's important to their business: saving money while maintaining call quality.

Gary Kay

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Clevatel Business VoIP

So you want to know about VoIP? It's too complicated! Don't know who to talk to? Heard it can save you money! Don't make the mistake others have made...

Get expert advice which will:
identify if your network is VoIP ready
show how much you can save
ensure there's no 'gotchas'
handle all the arrangements
How does VoIP save money on telephone calls? What about my fax / EFTPOS? VoIP calls connect via the Internet
Clevatel VoIP doesn't require special Internet connections
Clevatel VoIP customers save on line rental through cancellation of surplus voice lines Can I keep my current phone numbers? What other factors do I need to consider? What if we're locked in to a voice contract already? What about hardware? If you got an existing PC network, then you're almost there...

Clevatel's 'cleva' handsets connect between your current PC's and the network switch Clevatel offers a range of business handsets from entry to executive styles Clevatel can tailor a package that maintains your existing carrier obligations, while reducing overall voice costs We can also supply DECT cordless and mobiles too! Shared capability
xDSL + spliter

ISDN Indial? All of this points to the need for consulting / audit of the site where VoIP is proposed as the consequences of not doing so could be disappointing as well as expensive to correct.. Transition Project plan
Timeframes agreed
Pre-installation configuration
Liasion with IT resource
Firewall ports
User parameters
Good planning ensures a smooth transition from the old to the new... What underpins success for all is outstanding customer support... 24 x 7 Customer Support Desk provides support for:
billing enquiry
additional services
It costs too much... At the end of the day, you need a provider that can deliver - and keep on delivering... Thanks to Clevatel, that's the 'Cleva' difference... and it's called TeePee TeePee provides Clevatel with a unique ability to:
allocate phone numbers
activate services (almost instantly)
turn on / off voice features
generate accounts
offer customised solutions through the built-in Call to Action CRM/ERP
Self-management portal

That's all very well, but what does it mean to me? Put simply, it means you can start benefiting from
cheaper phone calls sooner than you think... So what are you waiting for?
Start now... You've nothing to lose...
... because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and we'll even provide a 100% discount on the consultancy fee if you decide to go ahead So... here's the details you need to get started. Go to our website: www.clevatel.com.au and click on the 'get a quote' or 'contact us' pages to start the process, or call us on 1300 42 7711 www.clevatel.com.au It's unreliable! VoIP is simpler than you think! In fact, it is as simple
as plug n play... Business VoIP has come of age... Hosted (SaaS solution)
Multiple redundancy
Very low bandwidth requirement This is the way of the future... Today, more VoIP systems are being installed than traditional phone systems because:
the technology has come of age
call savings of 50% or more are available
phones are essentially Plug n Play
Migration from traditional systems has a very short Return on Investment.
Handsets arrive pre-configured
and customers can connect them inbetween their network switch and PC's. Handsets Mobile Reliability ... don't get left behind. Porting process
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