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jayse bradley

on 12 October 2016

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Dominican Republic
ART: Paintings, Jewelery, instruments
MUSIC: Merengue, Bachata, Perico Ripiao
SPORTS: Baseball,Volleyball, Kite Sailing
The three main groups of music are:
Perico ripiao and
the most known of the 3
The official music of the Dominican Republic
It was first mentioned around the middle of the 1800's
very well known
Originated in the early 20th century
It is often about romance, heart breaks, and sadness
some of the arts are the instruments,paintings and jewElry.
THe concept of the game is two team compete to get the most runs by hitting the ball
9 players are allowed on the field for each team
you need a bat a ball and a glove to play the game
a guira is the most popular instrument
there are six players on each team or 12 in all
two rows three in the front and three in the back
there are 5 sets each up to 15 poins and tiebreaker if tied
each point is won by the making the ball hit the other side than there own
volley ball is so big in the dominican republic it has its own league
the things you need to play are a net and a ball
volley ball has been a big part of dominican culture for a long time or since the time it was brought there
they also have a long and storied history which means that they won a lot of medals
some of the greats are bethina de la cruz ,annerys vargas , and alatargrica mambru.
women are way more dominiant in volleyball than men
they have won many achivements
this is an example of the kind of jewElry they wear, it is usaully stones for the charm.
the painting above is called "Cuatro vientos" the is artist Ramón Oviedo
this is the the guira
Dominican repuBlic won the World baseball classic in 2013
Perico Ripiao
the oldest music known, it is still played today
Known as Merengue tipico

As a conclusion we have learned that the three main types of music in the dominican republic are Merengue, Perico Ripiao, and Bachata. We have also learned that the main types of art in the the dominican republic are Jewlry, Instruments, and Painting.now we know that the Guira is the most known instrument in the Dominican republic. in the dominican republic two of the main sports are baseball and volleyball. we also know that the dominican republic won the world baseball classic in 2013
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