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No description

Tingzhu Gu

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of NEVER LET ME GO

by: Tingzhu Gu

Childhood is the happiest period in a clone’s life.
- The old tape “brings back memories of that afternoon in Norfolk every bit as much as it does our Hailsham days” (p173).
- The old tape accompanies Kathy. It helps her to remember the life in Hailsham and the love for Tommy. Tommy finds the tape and buys it to Kathy. They become closer. The tape symbolizes the happiness and memory.
Love makes people desire to live.
- They know the hearsay from Chrission and Rodney, “the one about people having their donations deferred if they’re really in love” (p174). Tommy thinks the possibility of deferral and shares his idea to Kathy at first time.
- The opportunity gives them a great hope. It seems they have chance to survive and live longer.

The pleasure is short for those who cannot control themselves’ fates.
- Miss Lucy tells the students, “you’ll become adults, then before you’re old, before you’re even middle-aged, you’ll started to donate your vital organs” (p81).
- Hailsham students have no special option for their futures. The future is already decided before their births. They are created in order to extend humans’ lifespans.
Personal Opinion
I agree with him that people cannot live alone without friends and love. The author makes an emotional way to express that people need to cherish every moment in the limited lifetime. Even though the technology of clone is not matured as the author’s describe, the book’s lesson still has educative value nowadays. The discrimination is also existed in real life. For instance, some people squeeze others who have lower social status and deprive their rights. Therefore, we should look at every one equally, irrespective of rich or poor, noble or of low caste.
Background Information
Lives of clones
-Childhood: They study in a closed boarding school (Hailsham)
-Youth: It is the first time they have chance to contact the outside world. (moving to Cottage)
-Middle age: They are waiting for the death in the hospital. (organ donations)
- Kathy refuses to look for Madame when Ruth tells her Madame’s address. Then Ruth gives the note includes the address to Tommy. Kathy changes her mind after falling in love with Tommy. They come to meet Madame and show her arts which is created by Tommy, whereas they misunderstanding the purpose of Madame’s gallery. Miss Emily tells them the art gallery is used to “prove you clones had souls at all” (p260).
- Tommy and Kathy think they can control their lives until they realize that there is no deferral; however, Tommy’s arts are got the acceptance. They are truly in love.
Thesis statement
- "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro encourages people to discover value of life by portraying the growth of human clones, as for them, the happiness is based on memory, love, and freedom.
- In the text, when Kathy becomes Tommy' s carer, she says“What he wanted was not just to hear about Hailsham, but to remember Hailsham, just like it had been his own childhood” (p5).
- Although Haisham has stringent school regulations, clones’ lives are joy and peace. They do not need to consider the donation and separation. They live as other normal primary school students.
- In the end of the story, Kathy receives the letter informs her prepares to her first donation. It lets her liberate from the pain caused by Tommy 's death. ( in his forth donation)
- Through Kathy’s life, she has experienced love, separation and hope. The carer’s duty is harder than donor's. Without them, she loses the courage and meaning to live.
Values & Treasures in The Life
- Memory: Childhood’s memory is not only the precious gift for clones in the story, it also should be unforgettable for everyone.
- Love: It gives people courage to struggle against destiny. Kathy and Tommy try to fight with the cruel fate but they are too powerless to contend with the society.
- Freedom: There is limited freedom cloning humans have.
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