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India Goal-Setting Workshop


Doug Reilly

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of India Goal-Setting Workshop

Finding your Way Thoughts and reflections on preparing your mind for India 1. The most important packing list is a mental one. 2. Butterflies can cause hurricanes. 3. The experience is yours to make. 4. Don't expect the unexpected, do it. Who I am. doug reilly programming coordinator orientation & reentry studied abroad in Spain Peace Corps photographer ideas, values, goals and expectations small things can have a big impact showing up is not enough keep challenging yourself "the time of your life" personal growth ? cross cultural understanding adventure live what you study this is what we do: study abraod intersubjectivity you know yourself through
the people around you existentialist What are my goals for study abroad? What makes you you? Where are you from? cheesy music dreilly@hws.edu "The United States." "Where the heck is that?" comfort zone
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