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Smart and Safe Online

How to make good choices in the online world.

Jennifer Pace

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Smart and Safe Online

How to protect yourself in the online world. Smart and Safe Online 1. Let a parent or guardian know with whom you are chatting.
2. Keep your personal information private.
3. Tell someone if you become uncomfortable or are exposed to inappropriate material.
4. Always be on your guard.
5. Be a role model for younger children. When chatting online: http://www.netsmartz.org/RealLifeStories/AmysChoice Watch video: "Amy's Choice" Write down the answers to these discussion questions and be prepared to discuss in class: 1. Why did Amy start talking to the man online?
2. Where did Amy first "meet" the man?
3. How long did Amy talk to the man online before meeting him in person?
4. Amy knew how old the man was. Why did she keep talking to him?
5. Had the man ever talked other girls into meeting him in person?
6. Why is Amy still worried?
7. Why does Amy encourage others teens to talk to their parents about what's going on even though they might get in trouble? Remember:
Don't just sit
there - report! Reflection Use your notes from the video and class discussion to write one paragraph about how you can stay safe online. Include examples from your own experiences if possible. Due next Friday in class.
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