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Investing the growth of Dhaka

No description

Lulu Sun

on 10 January 2012

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Transcript of Investing the growth of Dhaka

Dhaka ...has 9 million people... ...is the 8th biggest city in the world... ...is one of the highest growing rates amongst Asian cities... ...is one of the most densely populated cities in the world... ...and according to Far Eastern Economic Review, Dhaka will become a home of 25 million people by the year 2025. Reasons for population growth Effects of Growth The main reasons for people moving to Dhaka city is if there unemployed, landless and just basically poverty stricken they may be able to improve there lifestyle. Over 20% of the poor population are illegal settlers and most live in slums. •Built along the river, access to water and rich silt which is good for agriculture. •Factories built to the north of Dhaka, job opportunities attract people to live there. ? ? The continuing growth reflects ongoing migration from rural areas to the Dhaka urban region, which accounted for 60% of the city's growth in the 1960s and 1970s. •More recently, the city's population has also grown with the expansion of city boundaries, a process that added more than a million people to the city in the 1980s. •The main reasons for people moving to Dhaka city is if they're unemployed, landless and just basically poverty stricken they may be able to improve there lifestyle. •Land prices are high compared to those found in developed countries- lack of good housing for bursting population. Growth management Main challenges facing Dhaka in the next years: -enough land and housing for the poor -finding a way to enforce property rights so that land grabbing does not take place -coping with a sustained arrival of poor migrants -adopting more proactive planning policies to address the environmental risks -and improving the accountability of the public sector as a whole in the delivery of basic services -ensuring that any eviction from public or private property is done in a way that recognizes the rights of those affected Thanks for watching!! Environmental refugees migrate to Dhaka to escape flooding caused by climate change. - Strategic planning by the government ensures that the cities growth is more controlled.
- Partnerships with charities and NGOs which provides funds for people.
- Partnerships with infrastructure developments to build housing.
-Flood forecasting to help evacuate villagers before disasters. Air and water pollution from industrial areas leading to easily spread diseases. Lack of job oppurtunities and too much competitions leading to lots of informal employment.
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