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Your Trip to the Jurassic Period

No description

Ryan M.

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Your Trip to the Jurassic Period

Your Trip to the Jurassic Period
Created by Ryan M. and Karen D.
What Will I See?
Here at Jurassic Enterprises, our main goal is to give you the best experience in the business. During your stay in the Jurassic, you will come across hundreds of different types of dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, Megalosaurus and Shunosaurus. You will also come across breathtaking views of snowy mountaintops and lush, tropical jungles.
What Should I Pack? (For the Day)
For your wonderful journey with Jurassic Enterprises, you will need a number of things to bring along. First of all, weather in the Jurassic period is very difficult to predict. You should bring an umbrella and sunglasses in the case we should come across large variations of weather in the Jurassic. On top of this, you should pack snacks and a large water bottle for the variety of hikes and adventures that we will be embarking on. Also, many of our guests bring binoculars and cameras so that they will be able to take photographs of their amazing trip to the Jurassic period.
What Should I Pack? (For the Night)
While you are staying in Mountainside Inn and Suites, you will need a few things for your overnight stay. Obviously, you will need toiletries, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. We will provide you with all necessary linens and also with shampoo, conditioner and soap for showers.
What Dangers Might I Encounter?
At Jurassic Enterprises, we do our best to keep you and your loved ones safe while on the trip. However, being in a time period full of dangerous creatures, there are some dangers involved. The main threat we are worried about are dinosaurs. These fantastic animals are one of the main selling points of our organization, but they can also be quite hazardous. However, all of our hikes remain away from dinosaur-ridden areas, but still giving you a good view of the creatures. Although there have not been any recorded injuries related to dinosaurs, it is still best that you remain aware.
What Will I Eat?
At the Mountainside Inn and Suites, we will provide you with a complimentary continental breakfast and two spectacular restaurants for your lunch and dinner needs. In the resort, you will eat all present day food, but when on hikes and adventures, you will eat the snacks you packed. It would be terrific if we could eat foods growing and living in the Jurassic period, but these are nearly impossible to find due to the lack of flowering plants in the era.
Where Will I Stay?
As previously mentioned in our presentation, you will be staying in the Mountainside Inn and Suites. It is a luxury, 5-star hotel on the side of Mount Jura in present-day Europe. Every room has a beautiful view out along the landscape of the rainforest. All rooms contain at least two beds, with some rooms having up to four. Each room has one bathroom, which includes a shower and shampoo, conditioner and soap. It also contains a hairdryer and two sinks. If you are worried about the glass windows in the room, know that the glass (and all of the products) we use are completely dino-proof and can't be destroyed.
About Our Services
At Jurassic Enterprises, we provide a very safe and fun environment for all of our guests. We try to make you feel at home at the Mountainside Inn and Suites, and guarantee your protection throughout your journey here in the Jurassic. Also, we power all of the building completely off of solar power. This is so that we do not disrupt the organisms living in the Jurassic and stop the constant time travel that would be needed to bring the power needed.
Also, if you are not in the mood for going out into the wilderness, we provide a variety of fun activities in the resort that keep the amazing Jurassic experience alive. For example, we have a viewing area on the top floor of the hotel in which you can peer out through binoculars onto the land and look at stunningly close views of enormous dinosaurs and some of the first birds in history. We also provide a wonderful walk-through museum, giving you information about the organisms you will be seeing on your trip. This walk-through includes photographs, videos and hand-on experiences that teach you all you need to know.
Where To Find Us
6150 Old Jenks Road, Apex, NC, USA 27523
Thank you for choosing Jurassic Enterprises!
Some of the dinosaurs you will see
Present Day Jura Mountain in France
For the entire trip, with your room, hikes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will cost $50,000 per person. This may seem expensive, but we assure you, it isn't for the type of services and life-long memories we will provide you with.
About the Jurassic
The Jurassic period was an age of dinosaurs, birds, jungles, and the birth of small mammals. It takes place in the Phanerozoic eon and in the Mesozoic era. It is seen quite often in pop culture, including in movies such as
Jurassic Park (1993).
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