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The Outsider

Answering the unknowns of "The Outsider" by Albert Camus

Jesse Macht

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of The Outsider

Inside the Outsider An Author Revealed Connecting the disconnected Citations "Albert Camus - Biography." Nobelprize.org. Web. 03 Apr. 2011. <http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1957/camus-bio.html>. "Camus, Albert (1913 - 1960) - Credo Reference Topic." Credo Reference Home. Web. 03 Apr. 2011. . Camus lived a life that threatened to be meaningless. He was born into a French family that
had settled in French algeria. From the
very beginning he must have felt like an
outsider... His father was killed in World War 1 in the Battle of Marne. Camus was less than one year old. Camus and his mother lived in great poverty... A crippled scholar... Camus was accepted
into the lycee, the second and last stage in secondary education in the French school system. He was then accepted into the University of Algiers. In 1930, Camus contracted Tuberculosis and had to end his soccer activities. "YouTube - Tuberculosis (TB)." YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Web. 03 Apr. 2011. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gruBIZ0Bm-I>. A character canvas Setting "SparkNotes: The Stranger: Context." SparkNotes: Today's Most Popular Study Guides. Web. 04 Apr. 2011. <http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/stranger/context.html>. -pre-World War II
-Meursault's circumstances
would have an emotionally
attached person in pieces -His writings are focused on the absurd
-His philosophy implies that moral orders have no rational or natural basis
-His existentialism is nothing more than the physical existence
-He believed that life's lack of "higher" meaning should not necessarily lead one to despair Meursault -psychologically detached from the world around him
-his implicity challenges society's moral standards,
allowing society to see him as the outsider
-he sees no importance in life,
that no matter what people do, nothing will change
-his character is made of a sense of indifference in society
-he thinks more of the physical attributes of the world instead
of focusing on the social and emotional Raymond -immoral against society, making him the foil of Meursault's character
-he plans for revenge
-causes Meursault's downfall through the gun that he gave to Meursault
-however, he also helps Meursault with his realizations about the
universe from the consequences of Meursault's murder on the Arab
-uses Meursault's innocence and gullibility for his
schemes to punish his mistress Marie -delights physical contact
-displays physical affection to Meursault,
and takes it to a deeper
sentimental and emotional level
-is in love with Meursault's peculiarity
-does not end her relationship with Meursault despite
his indifference
-remains loyal and faithful
-does not see the indifference of the universe due to her
strong faith and sense of hope Theme Irrationality of
the Universe -Camus explains how people attemp to create meaning
and rational structure in their lives
-the novel revolves around the idea of absurdity,
giving Meursault no valid reason for his actions
-Society in return is threatened by Meursault's irrational actions
-Meursault's trial is an epitome of absurdity for there's no basis for the facts, but rather it is used to defuse the universe's irrationality. It shows how hmans can't accept that not everything has an answer
-The idea of having something happen for no reason bothers society because they think there's an answer for every single thing that happens SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on The Stranger.” SparkNotes.com. SparkNotes LLC. 2003. Web. 4 April. 2011.
http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/stranger/context.htm The Meaningless of Human Life -Meursault realizes that everyone will
die in the end
-There's no real meaning to life
-after you die, you have no more
importance in the world Symbols The Courtroom -symbolizes society
-like society, the court tries to find logical reasonsing behind Meursault's actions even though there is none The Crucifix -symbolizes christianity
-it shows the contrast between society's views and Meursault's views regarding the afterlife
-also symbolizes rationality
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