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Primary Vs. Secondary Sources 6th grade

Definitions, examples, and game show instructions

Hilary Ann

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Primary Vs. Secondary Sources 6th grade

October 25, 2012 Primary Sources Vs. Secondary Sources Like a Historian... Primary Sources Investigating History -First hand testimonies Examples of Primary Sources -autobiography
-oral history
-newspaper, periodicals, magazines
-music Can you think of specific primary source examples? Do this with the person sitting next to you! Think of at least 3. Secondary Sources -Discusses information originally found elsewhere

-Interprets and analyzes history

-Are not eye witness accounts

-Information based on primary sources Examples of secondary sources -Publications (textbook, magazine articles, scholarly journals)

-A book on a specific topic or event




-Movie or Documentary Can you think of specific secondary source examples? Do this with the person sitting next to you! Come up with at least 3! -Direct evidence -Created by eye witnesses or recorders who experienced the event or condition being documented

-Vital for reconstructing the past

-From primary sources we gather different perspectives from the same event

-QUESTION! and READ CRITICALLY! Example Primary Source Examples of Secondary Sources Primary or Secondary? Game show! 1. The class will be divided into two teams

2. Each team will send a member into the "Hot Seat"

3. I will show a picture of a source and the player in the "Hot Seat" will hold up a sign that says "primary" or "secondary" to answer
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