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CSR Calendar

No description

Malcolm J Smedley

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of CSR Calendar

CSR Calendar
"Medieval Festival"
Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer. Camping trip
Zombie Walk
CSR Calendar
Empower yourself through ILSC Brisbane.
Students are transported to a place of history and fantasy at the Abbey Medieval Festival. Located at the Abbey Museum on the north side of Brisbane, sunny Queensland transforms into a Medieval wonderland. There is plenty for students to see. Re-enactment camps, cheer the jousting and falconry, taste the sizzling meats and drink the old mead. Students will leave the event feeling as though they have gone back in time!
It is the BIGGEST charity ride in Australia. This is your chance to do something big about cancer.
Over two nights of camping, students help make the event possible for riders while also having the chance to interact with the Australian community.
The Glow Run

The Glow Run is a 5 kilometer race which gives students a chance to embrace their volunteerism and have fun while doing it. The race is held within the Brisbane CBD, running along South Bank and into the Botanical Gardens.

Student duties
There are many different jobs for students at the Medieval Festival. Students will be rotated throughout the day with different responsibilities.
Aussie interaction
Students have the chance to meet, greet and interact with native speakers.
English Confidence
Students leave the festival feeling more confident about interacting with natives speakers.
Day 1
Students arrive at the camp site and begin to set up the tents for riders. Look out for Koalas!
Day 2
The riders begin to arrive at the camp site. From here, students begin to interact with the riders by assisting them to their assigned tent.
Day 3
On the final day, students and teachers begin to pack up the camp site and drive back to Brisbane.
A weekend to remember
Students have an amazing weekend away from Brisbane. While volunteering, students have spotted Kangaroos, Koalas and Rabbits moving around the camp grounds. This camping trip is recommended to anyone who has a sense of adventure!
Student duties
Students will be positioned at different checkpoints of the race. From there they will be handing out water to runners, helping runners with general questions and just being there to motivate the crowd!
Glowing in the dark
This is a night time event so you will be having fun in the dark!
Zombie Volunteers
Students will become volunteers for the day, assisting the Zombie Walk coordinators throughout the event.
Student involvement
The Brisbane Zombie Walk keeps getting bigger and better each year. In 2010 there were over 10,000 people who attended the Zombie Walk which raised $13,000 for the Brain Foundation. In 2012 they raised over $55,000. Ilsc students are a part of making this happen!
Student duties
There will be different jobs for students. The important thing to note is that all of your work will involve blood!
CSR Calendar
What we have planned for 2014...
This is where your English skills come in handy...
Students provide friendly customer service in English. This builds their confidence and builds relationships
The Brisbane Zombie Walk is a charity event that raises money for the Brain Foundation of Australia.
This raises awareness and funds to support the important work of the Brain Foundation.

Experience "Australia Day"
Learn about Aussie culture
Get to know Aussie culture.
Students have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of Australian culture.
Taste Sensation!
Sample traditional Australian foods and if you feel lucky, why not try our Vegimite Competition!
After your Australia Day experience...
Let's go to an island...
Experience life on an island
but with adventure!
What to do on the Island...
Once we arrive on the island, you are free to do whatever you want!
Stop in at the island pub where you can get a coffee and plan your day.
If you don't like the beach then dive into the beautiful pool
Once you have put your bags in your rooms...
it's time to take a ride in a big, BIG vehicle!
You will be taken though the forest and onto a big sand dune...
After that, we see you leave from the top...
And meet you down the bottom.
You can do this as many times as you want. It's so much fun!
Once you have arrived on the sand dune...
Your tour guide will teach you how to use the sand toboggan!
Other things to do on the island...
Enjoy playing basketball with friends...
Enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the island...
Take some photos and share with your family and friends!
After that, have a game of beach volleyball!
And then...
Get ready to meet the dolphins because YOU will be feeding them!

Moreton Island will be an experience to remember forever!
"Earth Month"
Students learn how to look after their environment through English
"Moreton Island"
Next is...
Students learn all about environmental awareness...
Simple tips like turning the lights off after class...
Or better forms of transport...
You will learn how to save water...
And how to look after our planet
My go!
No, it's my go!
Earth Month teaches students how to work together as a community
"The Colour Run"
The Colour Run is a fun run which raises money for charity. Ilsc volunteer for the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast events
You will be given a job to do on the day.
This could be squirting colour on runners
Or cleaning the colour off the runners
Maybe even motivating the crowd!
No matter what job you do on the day, you will be having fun with Aussies and your classmates.
It will be a day to remember!
Students volunteer for the Colour Run and have the chance to interact with Aussie culture
While you are volunteering, you will be able to see the horses...
Enjoy some of the shows throughout the festival.
You can even have a taste of the traditional drinks after working at the bar!
No matter what you do at the Medieval Festival, you are sure to have an amazing day.
The Medieval Festival is a magical day that you will remember forever!
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