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NEPTA 2014

No description

CWAA Stonehill

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of NEPTA 2014

NEPTA 2014
#promoteyourcenter: How to Network on Campus
As a tutor, what can you do to help promote your Learning Center? In this presentation, we will cover the various forms of outreach that Peer Tutors can utilize to increase awareness of their Center’s services. These promotions include Facebook, Twitter, poster sessions, class visits, flyers, and emails. Through the use of these outreach programs, Peer Tutors are encouraged to take their leadership skills outside of the tutoring context and interact with the student body.
The 20th Annual NEPTA forum was held at UMass-Dartmouth on April 5, 2014 from 8am to 3pm.
This year's theme was Harry Potter, titled "Muggles: Making Magic."
Four of the six CWAA attendees presented to their peers.
Alohomora! Unlocking Creative Critical Thinking
As a tutor in logic-based disciplines, do you ever struggle to get your tutees to think outside-the-box to solve a problem? Helping students think creatively about logic-based problems helps to eliminate frustrations and contributes to success. This presentation discusses the importance of using visuals and of asking the right questions to encourage students to venture out their comfort zones when looking for solutions, and includes interactive activities to enhance audience understanding.
Critics Review
Session 1: Alohomora!

Average score of 4.5 out of 5.
Comments focused on how this presentation allowed the attendees to "look at things differently" and gain new "creative tutoring styles."
Really liked the activities and the discussion, especially the humor. Also appreciated the examples and how clear, creative, and engaging the presentation was.
Suggestions: more exercises/activities and more specific examples for how to help tutees with critical thinking.

Session 2 #PromoteYourCenter
Average score of 4.9 out of 5.
Comments focused on how this presentation was enthusiastic, motivational, informative, relatable, and helpful.
Really liked discussion around the ideas presented, especially tips like Twitter hashtags.
"Best Presentation", "Excellent", "Nailed it"

Attendee Review
What did you learn/accomplish?
Challenging myself to get up in front of the other peer tutors to present.
Learned about how to communicate effectively with different types of tutees, how to make use handouts for my sessions, and how to use social media to promote my tutoring center.
Connected with tutors from other institutions and got a feel for how other writing and tutoring centers work. Also learned new strategies for taking on group tutoring sessions.
Would you go again?
I chose to participate because I knew what an amazing experience NEPTA could be. I would tell any tutors who are considering NEPTA one thing: to go! It was such a fun and amazing experience, and getting the chance to meet and talk with tutors from all over New England was really interesting. I can't wait to do it all again next year!
I would definitely encourage tutors to go next year, not only to gain specific skills from the presentations, but to connect with other tutors from different places and talk about a range of experiences in the tutoring field.
CWAA Represent!
Presented by Sarah Figalora and Praveen Jain
Presented by Morgan Pillar and Viki Pace
Meaghan Foley (Writing Tutor)
Sarah Figalora (Computer Science Tutor)
Praveen Jain (Math Tutor)
Morgan Pillar (Senior Writing Tutor)
Viki Pace (Senior Subject Tutor -- Italian)
Kayla Andrade (Chemistry Tutor)
What about this presentation was most and/or least beneficial to you? Why?
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